Daily Prompt – South


I have always lived in towns located in South of a country. There’s no reason to it, just a coincidence of the choices I have made in the past.
For many years now I had wished I could have lived in Norway and I can only imagine if I ever happened to live in this country it would wound up being in southern parts as the north might be just to brutal and wild for me…
I wonder now if I ever get to live up North somewhere in a country or should I treat the hemisphere I live in as a exception of the rule since I live in Northern hemisphere…
Amazing is how South in Polish language can also mean afternoon and strange how my mind always treats Southern direction as the poorer one, neglected and not desirable despite the fact that depending on where one sits the South could be the North and vice versa…
These daily prompts do take me on strange and unexpected journeys. I like the concept…


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