Still counting down. 17 Sundays until NFL is back!


So there! A big whoooohooo in the sporting medias occurred because Andrew Luck was ranked 92 in NFL Network list of top 100 players in 2016. Well considering what year Luck has had, being on the list itself is a great indicator how valued he is amongst other NFL stars. The initial “shock” of some journos typing some scandalously loud titles of Luck’s fall from grace eventually was slowly killed by some more knowledgeable folks that think that Luck will be back to his own, high standard way of playing. Yes, I wish he reduced the turnovers but it must be addressed at a team level more than on an individual one. As in last season, which was a catastrophe for Andrew, half of his interceptions weren’t really on him and he finished with only 3 fumbles which if he played for whole season would come close to his best year in this stat that he had as a rookie when he was credited with 6 fumbles.
Ah I’m rumbling here and I found a nice topic to correlate with number 17. It’s the screen shaking (at least in Madden) fumbles and teams that do their best to avoid them. Let’s begin; “Did you know that?”

  • The most common amount of fumbles committed by a team in 2015 was 17? Yes, five teams ended up last season with 17 fumbles that slipped through their players’ hands. Then it was a three way tie between three groups of teams that committed 23, 25 and 26 fumbles.
    The best hands in 2015 belonged to Carolina Panthers players that dropped the ball 12 times and the worst were Buffalo Bills with 28 fumbles on their account. The league’s average stood at 20.7. And now let’s meet the five teams that finished in joined 6th place for least fumbles lost:

  • Cincinnati Bengals recorded 17 fumbles in 2015 but to their defence they also rushed in 18 touchdowns on the ground and averaged 112.8 rushing yards per game during 467 attempts.
    The main contributor to fumble statistic for the Bengals was Andy Dalton who lost the ball 5 times, next in line was Jeremy Hill with 3 drops on 223 rush attempts and 15 received passes.

  • New Orleans Saints committed 17 fumbles in 2015, one more than rushing touchdowns they managed to shove down their opponents throats. Still not bad really although the Saints weren’t great at rushing in general producing only 93.2 rush yards a game on 397 carries.
    Another quarterback topped a team fumble list with Drew Brees being credited with 5 fumbles through 15 games he played. Next in line with 3 fumbles for the Saints was Marcus Murphy whose main job was punt and kick returns. To his defence one might add 1 punt return touchdown to ease off the pain of fumbling.

  • New York Jets, tried their best in taking care of the ball and Jets committed 17 fumbles through 2015 season while scoring 11 ground touchdowns out of 448 rush attempts they made that produced 112.8 rush yards per game. Decent effort considering that three different position players made the Jets top 3 with Ryan Fitzpatrick loosing the ball 5 times (what is with the quarterbacks and five fumbles thing, huh?), Chris Ivory adding 4 more fumbles and Brandon Marshall not wanting to be left out, contributing further 3 drops. The trio were responsible for 70.5% of the team total in fumbles. Nice going guys! Not.

  • Seattle Seahawks were credited with 17 fumbles in 2015. Being the most rushing team out of the five mentioned today, should kind of, put them on top of the five as at the end of the day the Seahawks rushed exactly 500 times for a whopping average of 141.8 rush yards per game. Unfortunately what disappointed me the most was only having 10 rushing touchdowns to their name.
    There was only one clear “winner” amongst the Hawks for the crown of the Fumble King and it was Russell Wilson ending up the season with 7 fumbles (finally something other than 5!). No one else got credited with more than one so it was a great team effort spoilt a bit by Wilson’s famous running around pointlessly and counting on getting lucky which he normally does get in the end.

  • Detroit Lions dropped 17 fumbles in their 2015 season and given the fact that they only attempted 354 carries (least of the five teams) for average of lousy 83.4 rush yards per game (least of the five teams) that resulted in 7 ground touchdowns (least of the five teams) it is not a great number to be proud of really.
    Lions are the only team from the five mentioned today where a quarterback didn’t lead in that team statistic with fumbles as the main offender in this department has been Ameer Abdullah who lost the ball 5 times. It was tough few lessons for the rookie who, let’s hope, learns from his own mistakes. Next in line it was back to a quarterback, Matthew Stafford who coughed up only 4 balls, the least fumbles from the starting quarterbacks of today’s five star teams.

I’d love to do some feature on sacks as this category always excites me the most but so far the numbers have not been the nicest to me. Well, we still have 16 equally long Sundays to get through until we can finally rest 2015 season for good so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll manage to compile some sacking feature to make footballless Sundays that little bit more bearable.
Until the next time folks. Keep yourselves well and healthy!


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