Madden 17 – The story so far.


Here’s a quick repost as to what EA has put on their website in regards of the new features of another iteration of Madden due out on 23rd of August 2016.

Madden 17 Release Info.

Given I like defense play very much I’m looking forward to learning and trying to grasp the new defensive concepts that will be introduced to us.
A very welcome addition of meaningful special team is a major bonus and I hope it’ll present us with an element of surprise and an element of risk vs gain in those tricky situations like over 50 yards field goal attempt in rain etc.
I’m not sure what to make of the ball carier mechanics on offensive side but I suppose we’ll get more clarity closer to release date.
Given the fact I recently enjoyed NBA 2k series and MLB The Show I would love to see, custom logos and unis in franchise mode (MUT too) as well as more depth to this mode in terms of features, practices, player development, scouting, finances.
I’d also love to see something a’la dynasty player introduced into MUT with some ideas if collection encouraging you to actually keep them lousy bronze cards….
Well. I’ll be following closely the developments on Madden front and soon hopefully the world will be back to normal with some football action going on frequently.

And in the meantime, enjoy the very underwhelming trailer….


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