NFL Sunday Game Day is still 18 weeks away!


18! Whole 18! Given Payton Manning’s departure this season it could be quite cool to do a little feature about his lows and highs and let him shine one more time as we prepare to see him coming back to NFL world in a different role, perhaps an owner, or a tv pundit. Time will tell.
This week I’ll just happily rumble through some odd statistics and see if I can find something quirky about the Number 18.
Let’s begin, “Did you know that?”

  • Peyton will be most known for his passing yardage and an incredible amount of touchdown passes he tossed to many receivers but did you know that The Number 18 finished his career with 18 rushing touchdowns in reg season? His career longest touchdown rush attempt was a 33 yarder against the Bills in 2001.
    Here’s that beauty:

The Sheriff also added three more rushing touchdowns in the post season. His last play off rushing touchdown dates back to 2006, while his very last rushing touchdown occurred in 2013 while playing as the Bronco and remains his only one for that franchise.

  • There were two seasons in Peyton’s career when he ended up with 18 sacks total in 2003 and 2013, making it evenly split between the Colts and Broncos tenures. His lowest amount of sacks in a season was 10 in 2009 (the age caught up with Peyton as in his last season where he missed 6 games he was sacked over 10 times); the highest total number of sacks the defenders lied on The Sheriff was 29, and dates back to 2001.

  • With plenty of passes comes the risk of turnovers and Manning encountered 3 seasons with over 18 picks thrown. Highest in one season stands at 28 when he was a rookie. And lowest and the only time he stayed below two digit amount of interceptions thrown is 9, and he accomplished the feat in 2006 season.

  • 2015 year was the only year when Peyton tasted playing a game as a back up and the only season (bar his missed one in 2011) when he did not reach 18 TD passes in a season In every other of his seasons he never finished below at least 26 passing touchdowns.

  • And just to top it all up with some oddities Manning has one receiving pass for minus 2 yards to his name and the best thing of it is that he threw it to himself. I’m not sure how but some quarterbacks are like that. Peyton also got halfway to 18 tackles in his career by finishing with nine total tackles.

And there is not going to be any more of record braking, book rewriting opportunities. Just a long and well deserved retirement and for me, another killed Sunday, meaning were one week closer the the NFL Fever to come down upon us. Keep well peeps!


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