Gaming Week Load #8


Another week goes by and it definitely has not been one of these week’s where gaming was at the top of the agenda. It wasn’t really in the middle either to be honest but that’s the joy of springs and summers for me. These seasons throw my gaming groove out of the loop.
Some of my playing time has been spent thinking about starting a new campaign on Fallout 4, as the patch 1.5 (including the revamped survival mode) dropped on Friday and the much anticipated Far Harbor is coming to us in less than two weeks.
A problem I’m having is whether to discover the Far Harbor with my current character or with a new one that is yet to be created really. I’m having issues with coming up with an idea for my next build, especially involving the perks paths so it bummed me a long while until I got to the point of giving myself a rest lol
Other than that I’m still enjoying Diamond Dynasty mode from MLB The Show 16, despite the issues with servers and the devs kind of spoiling fun by patching things not needed patching and leaving essentials out. Well, we all know everything’s a business nowadays.
I finished the conquest after much kerfuffle and captured all strongholds, plus I completed Cubs related missions for 93 ovr card of Ernie Banks, a card that proves a valuable addition.
Other times when not batting or pitching were spent on mainly getting various cars through rather exciting and easy to drive on, roads of Germany in Dirt Rally. I’ve mainly done daily/weekly events and I need a spark to get into the career thing back again.
That’s all this week. I know, quite monotously here but hey, spring in full swing.
Keep well and until next week!


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