Teenage Times are the best! Standing at 19!


So the draft is over; I haven’t managed to read all about it yet so I’m a bit unaware as to which team “won big time” and which one “drafted a bust”. Time will tell…
The obvious first two picks became reality and “my” Colts drafted in 1st round a center and everyone is pleased with their choice. As long as Ryan Kelly will be a consistent and reliable starter then I think it’s already a bonus and upgrade after so many other centers that Andrew Luck has had during his short career.
I also paid enough attention to know that the Colts traded down in second round acquiring two extra picks in later rounds and still chose their man, a safety and in third round they got an offensive tackle. Well time will tell.
While I was looking for a theme around number 19 for this weeks column I realised that during last two seasons the leader in thrown interception per year hasn’t surpassed the number 19. Both, Jay Cutler (2014) and Blake Bottles (2015) tossed 18 picks in the seasons they lead the league in this rather infamous statistic.
So…. Perhaps in a bit tipsy turvy way really, this week’s entry will ask anyone that reads that column a simple question.
Did you know that?

  • Tom Brady managed to throw less than 19 interceptions in past two seasons? The magic number for Tom is 16 interceptions in 32 games. Funny enough, the only time (beside his rookie season and another season lost to injury) the only time Brady finished sacked less than 19 times in a season was in 2009 where the amount of sacks came to exactly 16.
    Brady knows how to look after the ball as his career high in interceptions thrown per season is 14, a feat he managed three times in his career (2002, 2004, 2005).

  • Russell Wilson threw under 19 picks in last two seasons? Wilson’s number is 15 picks during 32 games. The 27 years old signal caller from Seattle, managed only once to toss 10 interceptions during a season, keeping rest of his year within a single digit record. Wilson threw exactly 19 interceptions in his first two seasons. Now if he could work on the number of sacks that is usually at least four times higher than his picks, that could make him a very dangerous weapon.

  • Alex Smith finished last two seasons throwing under 19 picks? For Smith the number is 13 out of 31 games he played in last two seasons. One of the least talked about quarterbacks among these four but one that probably achieved the biggest jump in his career in last few years as Smith started with 53 interceptions thrown in his first 54 games (52 starts) and since then he never had a double digit of interceptions per season (although missed some games) and to date he has 30 picks thrown in 72 games (71 starts). What a way to turn things around!

  • Aaron Rodgers tossed under 19 interceptions in last two seasons? This isn’t surprising as Rodgers is known for great accuracy and taking care of the ball that resulted in 13 picks thrown during 32 regular season games. 13 interceptions is Rodger’s season high which he achieved in his first full time season as a starter in 2008. He still managed to throw 28 touchdowns keeping the TD/int ratio above 2.0; to date Rodgers is 257 TD to 65 INT giving him crazy record of nearly needing to throw 4 touchdowns before he tosses out a pick (3.95).

These are the only four players who started at least 15 games a season in last two seasons (well A. Smith missed one game in last season, the rest three played all their games) that came under the number of 19 picks dished out in regular season. Rather spectacular!
And given as I’m Colts fan I can only wish that Luck will finally starts getting much closer to these numbers as the turnovers are his medium size stain on his well pressed and washed shirt.
The wait for next season is really a drag. Next big thing for all of us waiting will be the training camps and then the pre season but I realise that time spent waiting for football on our tellies is much greater than time spent enjoying it and it’s not fair. Keep well.

ALL STATISTICAL DATA PER http://www.pro-football-reference.com 

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