Gaming Week Load #7


It’s more of the same actually. More of the monotony down in my cave. I’m enjoying it though so why stopping?
I must admit I’ve not been very active here lately as life tends to get in the way but I do hope I’ll finally organise my blogosphere somehow that it flows nicely and in the meantime I’m just going to spit out more random thoughts about what I think about the games I’ve played.
I’m still in my monotnous routine of mixing Dirt Rally and MLB the Show 16 with the slight nod still towards the Show unless the servers stop working then if it’s my gaming time I’ll catch up more on Dirt.
There was a short blip of Madden but nothing serious came out of the new MUT addition which is MUT Salary Cup Beta.


Offense MUT Salary Cap line- up.

Idea is simple, each player has its value and you gotta keep your basic line up with two flexible players under 1000. This is EAs attempt to limit all the elite 99 ovr players stacked teams. I managed with just few changes to keep under a grand and realised that EA should put the limit at the most 700 not 1000 to only allow teams to have few elite players and not the most of the line up. Time will tell how it works.


Defensive line-up, MUT Salary Cap Beta.

Anyways, back to the two regulars of my daily little pleasures.
The biggest spoil of the Show are the servers, the errors not awarding player cards, and various connectivity issues. Given the fact it’s Sony’s own studio producing for PlayStation only, it is quite shocking that these servers fuck up so often. I’m not as affected as some due to my time zone but that is still I think quite bad of the SDS.
I would imagine the issues will be eventually resolved but how long is it going to be?
I’m no baseball fan so it is hard for me to state how baseballey the game is but as a video game The Show offers plenty of customizations and difficulty levels for everyone to have a great fun with the game. And some of the ballparks are beautiful.
Diamond Dynasty is still my thing and after some more testing my hitting controls have changed and now I’m attempting to learn to use zone hitting with analogue striking. The struggle is real but I like games that present you with some level of challenge providing some fun along the way.

And the weekly column can finish on Dirt and my preferences. The most hated country in the game – Greece. The most loved – Finland. Wales gets a big nod towards the liking due to lovely foggy atmosphere and the woods that are nicely sourounded by some fields.
I’m still stuck at the Clubman level as I only gone through 1/3 of the championship in Rally but the progress is visible despite being quite slow. My next bigger aim is to get my hands on the WRC cars of 2000 or 2010. These appear quite drivable at decent speed unlike my Peugeot Group B wild animal that at times is a crazy beast.
I don’t expect much changes in my gaming routine to change in coming week so there should be more of what was above.
Keep well folks!


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