Gaming Week Load #6


Grabbing that near home run ball away.

It was another fairly steady and settled week involving some gaming time and a very unexpected surprise (well that’s the idea of surprises I suppose).
I entered one of these funky ‘retweet & follow’ competition on Twitter. I do that occasionally, especially if the Twitter account relates to me. I mean if it turns out to be a spammer then I can easily unfollow a delinquent and it’s all forgotten but if it’s a decent person then I get extra source of information or entertainment.
Anyways, the contest was about the strange and mysterious game “Kholat” and the story behind interested me slightly so I thought- ‘why not’. Thing is, I actually won, got the code redeemed and spent some time playing the fairly confusing title. I got until I somehow reached the tent and decided it to call it a night. And somehow I never managed to get back to it but one of these creepy nights is bound to happen and then I should explore rest of the mystery.
So that’s that. Strange life’s paths.
Rest of my gaming got sucked in by MLB the Show and Dirt Rally. I must confess that Dirt had to take second seat this week due to my little baseball obsession but I still enjoy the game very much unless I gotta go rally in Greece and sometimes in Sweden. I don’t know what it is with Greece but I just can’t keep maintaining any level of consistent driving there.


Finishing a stage in spectacular fashion.

Swedish stages can get tricky due to snow and overall slipperness of it all but I can get stuck in and finally get going. Greece is just a completely lost cause.
Rallycross is brining a more challenge than I expected and I wish there were few more courses available but it’s all good.
I barely touched online modes but somehow I’m not bothered by it. I do take part in as many daily/ weekly online challenges as possible though as earning credits is the only way to increase the amount of cars in the garage for career mode.


My own player got his topps card after great game.

MLB the Show is all about the Diamond Dynasty mode and either playing the strategic conquest (already admitted a defeat to AI once, when San Diego took control of nearly half of the map) or venturing into head to head games with my daily crafted squad that involves my created player that gets better with every duplicate or free agent card I end up feeding him with.
I really like this mode and can only wish that Madden would implement statistics in their MUT as well as possibility of creating player that could be fed with the low rating boring cards I had so many of, that eventually I turned into trophies packs.
Anyway. I’m actually thinking of maybe keeping track of Liam Legendary’s journey through the fantasy mode and maybe turning it into a feature story here but I’m still thinking of how to do it and if it actually going to enhance quality of content here.
I’m not sure what next week, gaming wise, will deliver but as long as the world keep on going, we all should be fine. Keep well, people.


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