21 is a great number in America. Apparently…


It is hard for me to establish how great it is to be 21 while living in America as it is apparently the age of legal drinking and I’m not going to try to dive inside of the crazy world of American laws, rules and other oddities that tend to shock us from across the pond but since my previous idea of dealing with Sundays wasn’t working out as well as I thought it was time for a change.
With 2016 Draft closing on us with less than two weeks remaining, the schedule dropping on us so unexpectedly, few days ago and with today’s Sunday being the 21st away from football season it works out well really combining 21 with youth and draft with hope mixing all the expectations and spitting it all in my weekly series.
So todays topic is going to be 21st pick of draft from the past and we’re going to focus on the close past so let’s get going with: “Did you know that?”:

  • 21st pick of 2015 Draft was Cedric Ogbuehi, an offensive tackle taken by Cincinnati Bengals. The soon to be 24 years old player, took part in five games towards the end of the season and since offensive line players don’t really get a chance to record plenty stats, his totals from the games he took part in look rather empty. The Bengals went 3-2 in those games and the future only will tell us if we see more of the young athlete or not.

  • 21st pick of 2014 Draft was Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, an explosive defensive back, that slotted into free safety position and started 26 games out of 32 possible since drafted by Green Bay Packers. So far he recorded 3 interceptions (2 in 2015), 12 defended passes (3 in 2015), one forced fumble (2015), and one fumble was recovered by him (none in 2015).
    Clinton- Dix also has 4 sacks to his name and 156 tackles with 48 assists through his two years. His production took a step up from his rookie season and his post season play seems elevated as he added further 4 interceptions in four play off games he was part of, and defended further 7 passes. The Packers definitely have high hopes for the young fella.

  • 21st pick of 2013 Draft was Tyler Eifert, another pick coming from Cincinnati Bengals. This tight end took some time to spread his wing wide as his two first seasons saw him play in only 16 games as he missed 15 Sundays in 2014-15 season. He only grabbed 2 touchdown passes on 482 receiving yards in that period but he then exploded in his third year, making headlines around the league.
    In 2015 alone, Eifert caught 52 passes (94 total) for 615 yards (1097 total) and grabbed incredible 13 touchdown passes (15 in total) as he exploited the defenses with his quarterback, Andy Dalton. Given his third year fireworks, the team, the fans and the management must have high hopes for the coming season.

  • 21st pick of 2012 Draft was Chandler Jones, defensive end that landed in New England where he won Super Bowl with the Patriots in 2014-15 season in which he was limited to only 10 games, starting 8.
    Altogether, Jones has 134 tackles with 88 assists to his name. He recorded 36 sacks (12.5 being his best from 2015 season). He also recovered two fumbles and has one defensive touchdown to his name, along 9 defended passes, 10 forced fumbles and one interception.
    He started all but one of his 9 play off games and contributed further two sacks, one forced fumble and 13 tackles in the very hot heated games of cold American winter.

  • 21st pick of 2011 Draft was Phil Taylor who was picked by the Browns. The defensive tackle spent four seasons with Cleveland based team and then he had disappeared from football for one season and signed a contract with the Broncos in 2016 hoping he’ll be able to contribute in the coming campaign.
    To date, Taylor racked up 42 starts from 44 played games, his rookie season was the only when he played all scheduled games. He has 3 defended passes with one forced fumble and one recovered fumble to his name. He was also able to get to opposing quarterbacks 7 times (4 sacks being his highest from rookie season) and totalled 69 tackles with 40 assists. Denver Broncos sure hope he’ll be able to find his rookie form with them.

So, there. Five draft picks. All 21st name called on a night of draft. All separated by a year, all young and full of hopes. Each of them different, from having great rookie seasons to needing time to flourish. 3 defensive choices with two defensive linemen and two offensive players.
Who’s done the best? It is hard to say and it is going to be very interesting to see who Washington Redskins will decide to gamble on, unless they move up or down via trade.
We should find out very soon and in the meantime, we kind of eliminated 1/3 of the waiting period since the countdown began with this lively series of ‘Did you know that?’. Until next time!

ALL STATISTICAL DATA PER http://www.pro-football-reference.com 

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