Gaming Week Load #5


It has been pretty steady this week actually. It almost felt like the settled, well thought through winter gaming than the usual a bit chaotic, sporadic and erratic spring attempts at gaming.
I get these pretty much every year… Springs and summer can be very slow and just not much of gaming months and then Autumn and winter comes and all of sudden I’m driven to get gaming and can plan ahead what to play and in what order etc.
Springs are normally more like “what should I play? Should I play? Oh, maybe read something? Oh I should play that…”. That kind of days but this week was steady. I split it nearly evenly between DIRT Rally and Mlb The Show 16. I did spent couple of hours on Fallout 4 but it was mainly browsing the new workshop items rather than playing. I think Fallout 4 will be back once the reworked survival mode is patched in and few more dlc drop in.
I’m still painfully slow in DIRT but I made a progress in rally and rally cross in my campaign and I’m set to try tackle the Clubman diffuculty now. Besides careering I’ve also been taking part in any online challenge there is posted (daily/weekly), providing I’ve got the right car and I’m slowly getting back into swing of the fast paced action around many dangerous twists and turns.
MLB The Show proves to be really fun, especially the Diamond Dynasty bit. I’ve completed few missions of collecting some cards as well as reaching milestones. I’ve played with my mate, an avid baseball fan, several games (once we worked out how to accept the challenges and stuff). I even dived in online in head to head and somehow I managed not to be beaten.
Side note, as the developer struggled with server issues, players were given 10 standard packs with 5000 studs (nice one, any acknowledgement is a good sign really in this fast paced world) and given all the bonus packs I had I realised I had not pulled a single gold or better player card from 30 packs. I kind of like the idea as opposed to Madden’s MUT where elite cards became common early in the game.
I’ve got now few gold players, couple bought off market, couple won from collections and one created player that gets fed with duplicates or free agents (now that I realised that holding onto cards might be worthwhile lol).
I think the aspect of creating your player, your unis and logos is a great idea in these days so I hope Madden 17 will come up with host of similar stuff, otherwise I might be a bit crossed.
That’s all from me this week really. I expect more of the same this coming week, although I might dive into Madden if the new advertised -salary cap MUT- content drops in. It’s going to be interesting to see how that works. Keep well folks!


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