DIRT Rally is here and it is cool!


Mini Cooper battered to its last bolt.

I really think DIRT Rally is cool. Problem is, I’m not as serious about motorsports games as I used to be, hence it’s been days since the game dropped through my letterbox in a strangely bubble wrap packed parcel and I still haven’t really had a proper sitting with it.
I suppose I’ve gotten rusty and slightly lazy and the world of cambers, gear ratios, dampeners settings and other quirks relating to preparing a racing car for its day are kind of behind me.
I still maintain ‘no assist’ approach, unless there are known issues to some settings relating to controller making the use of ABS a must when not using wheel but I’m just not that crazy about it all any more and I am not really sure why…
I mean from the few hours of bashing cars around I can see that DIRT Rally would serve me well, some years ago when I used to organise (help organising really) online racing leagues and I can see there’s plenty of fun to be had during offline career but my personal quest for becoming the master racing driver of the universe faded away.
I just simply need a bit more time to get involved into driving games. I suppose I went all health path with all these sport games I’ve been playing recently… lol
The game runs smoothly and it’s the first thing that stands out. Days of the strange colour palette at Codemasters might not be gone yet but so far I had no issues with frame rate drops, freezes etc like in some recent productions by the studio (ekhm… F1 for example, ekhm…) so it’s a bonus.
As far as explaining goes, there could be a bit more info on screen to explain things as I took me few days and an accidental press of a button to realise that there are more in depth settings to play with when it comes to car set up.
I’m also not 100% sure how the ‘custom championship event’ is supposed to work because it only allows the choice for number of stages and ai relevant stuff. There’s no option to choose where you want to race so the custom bit is a bit puzzling.
Anyway. In career mode you get to take part in championships that you have the cars for and I haven’t gotten too far in it yet to see how the progress evolves. You also get to take part in daily/ weekly/ monthly online challenges, go to PvP lobbies and manage your team of engineers for whom you can purchase perks and stuff to make managing your team easier as you climb higher.
Overall, I haven’t actually found any annoyances (beside the custom championship bit) that would ruin my enjoyment. The online lobbies are hit and miss as sometimes I just can’t find a room with people ready to roll and stuff.
I should perhaps come back to reviewing this title once I actually get a meaningful amount of time on it but so far it looks like Codemasters attempt at redemption for recent failures is a real one and with plenty of effort put into it so thumbs up to them! Amazon sells Legend Edition including bonus Mini and Documentary about Colin McRea here.


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