Retro hobby. Another model is done.


Well. As I mentioned earlier, me and my son started doing some plastic models. It all started from my son’s interest in some warships, through finding out about World of Warships PC Game, all the way back to my youth when I used to enjoy some alone time with plastic and glue.
Anyway, after assembling a plane and a car we finally got our hands on a thing that brought us here in first place, a warship.
It was a bit of confusing process of choosing knowning our target for second ship was something related to World of Warships but in the end we landed ourselves a deal on Amazon where we found a £9.99 deal on Admiral Hipper 1:720 scale from Revell. Well… checking the price recently made me realise my deal wasn’t such a deal as currently you can grab this heavy cruiser model for £5.99 here.
Anyways. It was my first contact with the company, I knew the model was coming with no paints, glues, brushes and any other extras so I also ordered some Humbrol acrylic paints, each for £2.00 a tin ( minimum spend on whole order has to be 20 pounds to have the paints delivered as add on items, you can also pay a bit more a buy a lot of 12, 18, 24 tins sets etc paints and leave number of paints in order so you get the ones you know but I found them slightly dearer)…
Erm… Where was I? Oh yeah. I got some paints I’d need knowing I still had leftovers from starting kits, including loads of glue. So we got the stuff, unwrapped it and it quickly become apparent that the quality is not as good as airfix as there was a lot of little cutting required where the plastic followed through the mould.
The instructions weren’t the clearest and most user friendly so in a bit of doom and gloom I got going, preparing some stuff ahead.


Admirall Hipper in over 50 pieces, mostly painted, ready for glue.

My son painted bigger parts leaving me the small ones and I still missed some as I wasn’t paying attention. The kit is actually decent deal despite this lack of airfix level of quality as some smaller parts are already together making assembly easier and despite the somewhat slighlty puzzling manual I think these models could be quite great for starters as I’ve seen plenty of quite inviting price offerings out there and it’d serve well for getting stuck in a hobby.
Anyway, initial steps of assembly were steaming ahead nicely and my progress slowed down towards the end due to all the fiddling tiny parts of mast and so on but we cracked in around 3 days and roughly 6 hours without adding time for finishing touches of paint and the flags as it was a different matter for a clumsy me.
Overall it was a good fun for both of us, along painting, glueing and sticking stuff we also licked another bit of naval history and the Admiral Hipper is now here with us and it looks ‘really cool’)as my son says.


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