It currently stands at 22.


Our footballless Sunday count reached the very neat number of 22. As one can see, the writing fingers are still alive and able to type in coherently meaning the ManFlu from last week wasn’t some deadly version of brain consuming disease.
As I mentioned last week the number crunching isn’t the problem but sometimes a little research might help you generate slightly better or easier to digest results, meaning the piece you create looks and is consumed better. I was meant to do that but since this Sunday series is more of fruit of improvisation I at the very last second decided to keep it this way, for at least a while so we can see this week what was happening in the world of New England Patriots last season and see Did you know that?

  • Tom Brady’s career average in completed passes per game is 22? (for those nitpicking it stands at 22.013 but for me it is close enough). In 2015 Brady posted numbers above his career averages in pretty much every category. His interception rate was better than career wise with only 0.4 picks per game in 2015 to 0.7 during career which due to the less is better approach with picks, means it was more than less (haha).
    The only one major statistic that Brady appeared below his average was in QBR where he marked 2015 with 64.42 to career’s one standing at 67.91. Also he was slightly worse at avoiding sacks as his all time average stands at 1.8 sack per game and 2015 saw 2.4 sacks delivered on Tom per game. He’s like wine, gets better with age.

  • Alan Branch, defensive tackle, recorded 22 tackles in 2015. He started 15 games out of the 16 he played last season and managed 2 defended passes, 2 forced fumbles, 1 sack. The 31 years old veteran totalled 9 passes defenses, 4 forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, 9 sacks and 148 tackles during his nine seasons long career. His last two seasons with the Patriots proved to be the most productive really.

  • New England Patriots failed to score 22 points in only 3 games and it took them all the way until 23rd November game where the Bills finally held them under 22 points. Pats still won the game but a week later the came out defeated by the Broncos in overtime. The other games where New England failed to reach 22 points were at Jets (20-26), and at Dolphins (10-20) the season finale loss that probably cost them very dearly in loosing first seed in playoffs.

  • Malcolm Brown reached the age of 22 years old in the week leading up to Super Bowl 50. The young defensive tackle hopes to become a steady anchor at the defensive line, after he was drafted 32nd overall in 2015 draft. He went onto starting 12 out of 16 games where he recorded 2 fumble recoveries, 3 sacks and 31 tackles giving him an average of 1.9 tackle per game. Not bad for a youngster whose career high in tackles stands at 5 that he recorded in a loss to Miami Dolphins.

  • The Patriots defensive units drew 22 yellow flags on first downs indicating some sort of penalty. It was 28.9% of their total first downs that the defense started off with penalties. In total, the defense gave up 1013 yards on 112 penalties which ranked them 8 in league in given up yards.

Anyways, as we slowly and painfully tick off each and every Sunday it becomes apparent that the football season is still a long way from us and the recent release of pre-season schedule couldn’t even keep our spirits up. I know I get to see my Colts in the opening game of the preseason but at the end of the day, it is still only a preseason game regardless that our opponent is the hot Green Bay Packers with even hotter Aaron Rodgers who gets to do stuff with the very hot Olivia Munn.
I should look into changing the weekly write up as the initial thought became a bit stale and it doesn’t deliver the results I’d prefer to enjoy myself with so we’ll see what the next week brings to us with the funky number of 21.


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