Gaming Week Load #4


Another spring’s week that resulted in more of my gaming time being used for rest or for more down to earth, creative kind of things. I discovered Bio Inc on Android last week and it was keeping my company for these bits where I was just too tired to bother with PS4.
What intrigued me in Bio Inc was the morbid sense of humour really as you objective is to create a character and successfully destroy her/him through developing illnesses and skillfully trying to slow down process of healing while adding some risk factors.
The gameplay is simple, you click on viruses to get bio points. The viruses appear in different body systems so you have to switch between them quick enough not to lose any viruses. Once in a while, once you think you generated enough bio points you get to choose what should bother our character. A bit sick, a bit too much tapping but it’s fun when you kill them before doctors cure them. I always liked that sense of humour.
Anyway, on PC I did nothing this week and PlayStation was mainly bothered by two titles; freshly dropped DIRT Rally, and not so fresh anymore MLB The Show 16.
I’m getting used to the baseball flow, although issues with servers do have a negative impact on my overall enjoyment out of the title. I’m mainly playing the strategy based (kind of like RISK) Conquest mode and just recently I managed to snatch couple of wins on Veteran difficulty. I have pitching and hitting difficulties set on dynamic but I don’t see and progress/regress bars in Diamond Dynasty. It does show up in RTTS and play now modes though.
I still don’t think that baseball will become my sport but so far as a video game I can see myself having fun with it.
DIRT Rally is a title I’d love to have few years ago when I was more engaged in online community of racing fans as I think the devs took notice of how many people played/created online racing leagues and Codies started implementing some options into their recent game.
As far as gameplay goes, the sounds are good, the handling’s demanding (I play with an ABS assist set to 1, rest are off, plus manual gears). The stages are varied and it is good to see some longer ones too.
I haven’t played it enough though to give it a proper run through as to what is included. We have cars to unlock and upgrade by earning credits as well as employing a crew to manage repairs and similar stuff. RPG elements of levelling up appear in pretty much every game nowadays.
Hopefully next week will allow me better levels of energy so I might spend some decent time gaming and trying to get a bit deeper into the crazy world of racing around strange places and in the meantime, keep well people!


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