Gaming becomes touchable. Sort of.


I wish I actually took some pictures from the moment me and my son got our first models to see if we could turn it into some sort of hobby but I didn’t so we have to start in the middle.
It all started with my son asking some questions about warships, that led to discovering the World of Warships and then it was only a small step to try to rediscover a hobby of mine from my youth. Modelling.
Then few days of browsing various modelling web sites to see what’s out there and how much you’d need to invest initially and before I realised me and my son had two models to get busy with.
First one being an easy choice, a plane Hawkers Hurricane Mk. I Starter Kit that comes with all the needed paints for it and the modelling glue and a paint brush. Other tools we used was a pair of nail clippers and nail failing sand paper on a stick thingy and a needle. Unfortunately I must inform that the price had gone up since I bought it for £5.99 😦 perhaps I faced some sale.
Nail clipper would be used for cutting pieces out of the spruce, nail filer was to smooth out rough edges and the needle I used to apply glue as I’d gently squeeze a drop of glue out of the tube on it and then spread it on required space.
Later a pair of tweezers would come handy when applying the decals. The end result of around 6 hours spread through three days (health issues limit my durability greatly, hence spreading things as much as possible into smaller portions) can be seen at the top of the entry in the picture provided.
The other model was much more challenging and my very first as we both like motorsports and I never did a car before we had gone for Ford Fiesta WRC, another starter set arriving with all the paints, glue and this time two brushes included. The price dropped a bit as I paid around £15.25 for it.
This time it took probably over 10 hours of fiddling about over four days and the end result looks like this.


1:32 Ford Fiesta WRC

The most important factor of it was, since my son only really did bigger parts as he is only 8 years old and I dealt with the rest, we both had a good chat about the real machines we were putting together and it was a well spend time on something that could perhaps lead us to a bigger hobby and since all of this was really inspired by the world of gaming, mainly World of Warships, we decided to test our skills on some warships which we should be assembling shortly after these reach our hands. And I shall try to document it better.

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