23 Sundays and one case of a ManFlu.


That’s how much (or little) is left for the football fans for first proper Sunday feeling in ages. The ManFlu case only relates to me really (unless there are currently football fans suffereing like me too) but it is something that needs to be survived in the grittiest of the grittier fashion.
After that we can all focus on our next episode of ‘Did you know, that?‘ and our next victim has to be the remaining club of the AFC South Tennessee Titans. With some good amounts of cap room left and a rookie quarterback that survived his first season, the Jaguars are well positioned to build upon all of that so without further ado let’s see, Did you know that?

  • Titans’ special teams allowed 23 field goals through uprights out of total 27 they had been faced with. The four games were Titans opponents didn’t get a field goal attempt through were against the Falcons that still bested the Titans 21-15 in week 7, next one occurred in week 9 against the Saints, where the Titans got their 2nd win of the season in overtime 34-28. That game, also saw Succop missing one field goal attempt for them. Week 14 in a loss against the Jets 8-30 saw another missing field goal try, and the last miss came from the Patriots in week 15 but that didn’t stop them from easily winning the match up 33-16.

  • Marcus Mariota will be 23 years old on 30th October, and if his team will be scheduled to play in week 8 he’ll spend some of his birthday at a stadium. Mariota’s rookie season saw him injured and off for few games but while leading the team to 3-9 record under his command he completed 62.2% passes for 2818 yards, 19 touchdowns, 10 interceptions which isn’t a bad showing for a young gunslinger on a team lacking offensive options.

  • Antonio Andrews the Titans leading rushing back didn’t shy away from passing game and his longest receiving pass in 2015 went for 23 yards. He was targeted 29 times with 21 of them passes seeing completion but no touchdown score. All his touchdowns came from ground attack, leading the team with 3 on 143 carries worth 520 yards during his 14 games season that saw him starting 10 games, setting himself a benchmark for hopefully better third year with the team.

  • Matt Cassel, recent quarterback addition in free agency had tossed 23 touchdowns at the beginning of his career, that happened in New England. While filling in for injured Brady, Cassel led the team to 10-5 record in 2008 he had another season where he led another team to 10-5 record. This time it was Kansas City and Cassel set his career high with 27 passing touchdowns during a single season.
    Last year he played for two teams, recording 2-6 while under the center with 5 touchdowns thrown to 7 interceptions on 58% completion rate and 1276 yards; hopefully his back up duties will bring him more joy in Tennessee this coming season.

  • Recent Free Agent signing of Rishard Matthews’ shortest reception among his longest of the season was 23 yards when he played his third season for the Dolphins in 2014. His other season longest receptions were of 53, 30 and 29.
    Matthews played 49 games out of 64 since signing with the Dolphins who drafted him. He started 17 games, 11 of them were starts from his last season in which he played only 11 games, the least since his rookie season.
    He still showed a great production recording few career highs in receptions (43), yards receiving (662), touchdowns (4) and average yards per game received with 60.2.
    Number 23 really disappointed me greatly. Perhaps it’s my ‘lucky attitude’ towards team choices making the somewhat interesting idea into a bit of statistical struggle.
    I think soon it is going to be time to change the way I approach the numbers, especially as we dip in below 20 (not even mentioning 10) but in the meantime let’s enjoy the peace and serenedity as soon the first training camps start and some players will inevitably end up on injured lists and the likes.

ALL STATISTICAL DATA PER http://www.pro-football-reference.com 

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