Gaming Week Load #3


Another week goes by interrupted by life and health issues that kept me kind of away from gaming. Well, with each passing year I realise that I’m becoming less of a gamer and more of something else.
Anyways, this week there was little World of Warships and a bit more War of Warplanes as my son decided to take on career of a pilot and I was helping him to get some xp and coins while struggling to use mouse as a flight stick. I think for me to really become a useful xp and coin earner in this game I’d have to invest in a joypad of some sort or make one of the dualshocks work on our PC. Otherwise my son can rely on his fairly decent skills as a fighter pilot.
My main gaming hours ended up being spent on finishing the Mechanist off and building few more robots as I came across some adhesive.
My overall experience of the Automatron is positive but I think one can enjoy it more from the very beginning of the game as opposed having it dropped on one as one is already done with the main story.
Still, the robot creation is fun (more voices would be smashing), collecting random rubbish for building them is a bit annoying to say the least. Overall it works fairly well but given how much stuff there is to do in the world of Fallout, the whole game including DLC could easily become a full time job for some.
Other game that took rest of my gaming time this week is MLB The Show 16, marking my first steps in fully understanding the somewhat strange game of baseball. As much as I thought I’d be settled on controls it appears there are more nuances to take on board and I might never settle on anything lol
Diamond Dynasty is my main thing at the moment and it’s meant to be my long term fix but I also came across The Road To The Show mode and it might prove to be fun one but it’s still early days. I’m yet to win a game but I have managed to score some runs and one home run. Fielding is the most costly for me as it puts me behind and with batting somehow on/off it’s hard to catch up. Plus I need to figure out what kind of hits I want as opposed to trying for home run each time.
I’m hoping to pick up tempo on here at some point soon as the object of this blog was to be able to spit out large volumes of stuff here, ideally on daily basis but it proves a bit more difficult currently than I thought. Anyways, until next week, where I hopefully manage to get some great gaming going.


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