MLB The Show 16 arrival.


So it happened. After some years of teasing I finally decided to invest spare money into a game of baseball. I pre ordered the MVP Edition and as midnight of the 30th stroke the game became playable and I was drawn into a brand new world that I’m probably not able to fully appreciate at the minute.
I’m the least qualified person to review this game as the nuances of baseball and its rules and all quirks and the likes are puzzling to me in some cases but as far as a video game goes, I had very little trouble getting used to batting or pitching. Having a success there is and will be another story though.
Navigating through menus was a bit confusing to start with, plus loading screens between each tab were getting on my nerves but I’ll be able to live with it. After some batting and pitching practices I hit the Diamond Dynasty as it’ll be my starting point of this journey of discovery.
I could probably spend a happy month just design my logo, unis and all that stuff but I kind of resisted the urge and after like an hour I was ready to roll. Due to getting mvp edition and pre ordering it I got some goodies and out of this goodies I got some items to use in game. 5000 studs will come handy, although I’m not sure how strong this currency is. Beside the studs I got some packs and opened few of them. The Gold Sponsor pack provided me with some items and the best of the lot looked to be gold Oakley Prizm Radar EV Pitch item to be used…well I’m not sure now what mode it goes to lol
The Highlight Rookie Pack delivered an overall 72 Bronze Eric Hosmer card to use in DD and Opening Day Pack delivered several player items to use in DD and amongst them Cubs’ Jon Lester ovr 88 gold card and Padres’ Rollie Fingers ovr 85 gold flashback card. I still have 20 standard packs to open but I might wait for a bit, building up the excitment of opening new things.
I decided to jump into a game against cpu and without much thinking I chose to play against the Orioles. I thought the DD mode was giving you option to play less innings than standard nine but obviously I must had been mistaken somewhere along the line.
After several errors, mainly in fielding phase during catching or throwing to bases, and many of my hits being straight out I lost 0-7 but I think I narrowed down my controls to analogue- directional on batting and analogue on pitching. I found the pitching with the right stick giving me some control whilst batting is going to be a long day in the office for many weeks, perhaps even months…
Never mind, hopefully I’ll find a bit of refreshing air in my gaming habits and I might discover a new sport to follow.
Go Cubs!



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