A case of a screaming YouTuber


Back in my day of childhood I had very little entertainment coming from behind a glass showing colourful things. Ha. I only had black- white things shown to me until I reached the teens. Nowadays our kids are bombarded with all types of colours and noises coming from behind all sorts of glassy screens of different sizes. Well they get bombarded as much as we let them to.
It’s neither here or there for me to go about my son’s daily routine but him being a gamer does involve some screen time through the day. Me and my partner are fine with it. What we are not so cool about are the ever growing crowds of YouTube Screamers. They are everywhere nowadays. At least that’s what my son gets bombarded with during his watching time as he looks for new game, some tips or tricks and so on.
I’m not going to be name shaming or what not as I don’t even remember all the youtube IDs of the creators but I always wonder why there is so much pointless screaming around?
With recent (?) craze about Five Nights at Freddie (well it’s five nights at anyone’s from what I can gather) I tried to think of them screamers adding atmospheric audios to the very creepy nature of the content but still it seemed all way over the top.
It’s almost as every thing my son follows (minecraft, little big planet, etc) involves YouTuber that gotta scream…
Does anyone know why it became so popular to scream? Are they trying to be heard and seen in the endless sea of videos, blogs, vlogs, guides…? Or are they trying to get rid of some unused energy from their outside of YouTube lives? I don’t know. All I know it is hard to tolerate the screaming without stopping my son to explore his interest but sometimes I just have to, especially when one or the other fella starts dropping swear words like a drunken butcher attending Scottish wedding…
I mean… One has a casual walk within Minecraft world, introducing some mods or things one created and then one drops a moth$#%&++%$ like nobody’s business killing all the creative passion he or she has for something that obviously was hidden behind a common creature…
And the magic is gone. At least for me, the old, grumpy fart that I am.


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