Automatron- have you seen any duct tape around?


Ada accompanied by a custom made robot.

Hey. It is a great feeling when you bought a video game that gets you excited about duct tape, glues and any other kind of sticky adhesives there might be. All of us who played Fallout 4, at some point wished they had some sort of adhesive available, whether it’d be for a mod or to repair power armour, the simple act of glueing things together could drive us nuts and makes us do some silly things. And now, it is all back!
Yes, the hunt for duct tapes, wonderglues and the likes can begin again thanks to new DLC, ‘Automatron’ that joined us few days ago in the world of Fallout. For those who had season pass it was a simple matter of downloading it and those without the pass faced the decision to pay or not to pay, here’s a question.
Well, I think Automatron is a good spend if you’re thinking of starting a new journey with some new build of a character. If you planning on indulging yourself in the few quests and some robot making, it might perhaps not be the greatest idea as depending on your current state of Fallout 4 progress, it all might turn a bit into a forceful grind to find some glue or to level up in order to unlock another perk he hadn’t thought of unlocking earlier.
For me, in current state it turned out that I neglected the Blacksmith perk and the Robotic Expert one so I’m not sure how much stuff I’m potentially missing, especially that I haven’t dealt with the Mechanist yet (I’m close but recently I can’t get stuck into games) and I don’t know how many new mods I will come across.
Me and my son had some fun creating our robots (when we had the right stuff) but to get the DLC just for the robots ability with few fairly short quests, might be an overkill but if you think of starting new character then I think it might be the add on to have, as the robots can accompany you around (useful mainly for carrying junk abilities), making things funky. It also could lead you to unlock certain perks before others thus allowing you to create a hero with special skills you’d never think of getting in first place.
The only problem I have is that the next month there is another DLC and then another one in May and some more beyond, plus the amended survival mode so I just don’t know whether to start new journey or rest for a bit and wait for the dust to settle before it’s time to discover new dark corners of Commonwealth…


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