24 Sundays.


Time flies. Time drags. Time this and time that. Thing is time just remains at it constant value and it’s only the perception of ours, state of mind we are in that colours in our emotions regarding passing of time.
My journey from 25th Sunday to 24th was rather painful, frustrating and tiring. It dragged…
Yours on the other hand might have been exciting, shocking and surprising. It flew..
Regardless of how we got here from the point of last week’s read of “Did you know that?” it is time to embrace our next challenge and acknowledgement of football season getting closer in another cheerful write up.
This time we stay around the Colts and we are popping our heads into blazingly furious world of Jacksonville Jaguars in Did you know that?

  • Blake Bortles will be 24 years old on 28th of April just in time for the Draft 2016 kick off. The second year signal caller tripled on passing touchdowns from his rookie season as the number grew from 11 to 35, he even lowered his interceptions numbers from 18 to 17 although the rate of sacks remained slightly higher and quite worrying as in 2015 he got sacked 55 times (!) for a loss of 345 yards. The third year will hopefully mark improvement in the pocket awareness while hoping for steady increase in other performances should be other factor in his season.

  • Allen Robinson started 24 games in his career consisting of 26 games total? This wide receiver’s second season was a great jump from his rookie campaign that saw him missing 6 games. He caught 14 receiving touchdowns in 2015 out of 80 passes he caught from 151 attempts thrown his way. He averaged decent 87.5 yards a game and in third year he should hopefully carry on his explosion of catches, cheering up the local fans.

  • Stephan Wisniewski was Raiders 24th choice of second round of 2011 draft? After four seasons in Oakland the center landed in Jacksonville where he continued on high note of starting all 16 games third time in five seasons. To date he has been credited with 6 fumbles (1 in Jacksonville), 3 fumble recoveries (1 in Jacksonville) and 3 tackles in total. And how crazily little information one can pull out of offensive lineman stats page??

  • Jaguars return team was classified 24th overall in 2015? They had 31 punt returns for total of 361 yards and one touchdown, with the longest play being 73 yards by Rashad Greene. They also returned 31 kick offs for a total of 721 yards and no scores. Their longest return was 42 yarder by Corey Grant.

  • Jaguars special teams allowed exactly 24 yards on average when opposing teams decided to return kick offs? All together the Jags special teams faced 23 returns and allowed 553 yards. Punt wise, the Jaguars were faced with the opposition bringing back 45 punts for a total of 462 yards. Through the whole 2015 season Jacksonville did not allow returning touchdown to be scored by their opponents.

And that will be all for now as the Easter bunnies are hopping around us angrily expecting us to find them more chocolate eggs and perhaps a shelter. We have killed another Sunday successfully and soon it’ll be all buzz from draft prospects across the country.

ALL STATISTICAL DATA PER http://www.pro-football-reference.com 

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