Gaming Week Load. #2



This week hasn’t been a good weekend for gaming. It has been more of health issues and discovering what other more ‘advanced’ games I could play on my HTC One than actually messing about on consoles.
Nevertheless I still clocked in some time on our consoles and it mainly resulted in more Fallout than anything else. Initially I continued on some quests in New Vegas before finally realising that Automatron has dropped and it was time to get technical.
I have also done some time on World of Warships but with my back having so many frequent flare ups it was difficult to sit at the desk and concentrate so my naval battles were short and quite disappointing but we finally unlocked tier V ship and it is USA cruiser, Omaha. We should have fun with it.
As far as New Vegas is concerned it was more of the Strip discovering along with checking out smaller factions for the Yes Man. I’m still very much undecided on pretty much everything around my character and where we are heading.
I’ve noticed something though. It appears I can not get really focus on one quest or one issue at the time and I’m pretty much side tracking myself. It was fun to get that bomber out of the lake though even though it took me a while to remember to use the detonator thingy.
My mobile entertainment was mainly focused on building my team in Madden Mobile and playing some random peeps along downloading some demos and free games to see what hides there. Sniping auctions from comfort of my bed was great on Madden Mobilr and I can only hope that EA will finally get their fingers out of their bums and gives us a proper companion app for Madden 17 that includes auctions on MUT. I’d perhaps spend more time trying to raise coins this way as opposed to trying to commit some time on the PS4 and failing due to the fact I’d prefer to play a game and not stare at boring screens. Sniping on the toilet with a smartphone in my hand, well I can see myself doing that!
Well. The Mechanist and the Automatron DLC. It took me two days to properly clock in on the fact the extra content finally dropped and so far the extra stuff is rather pleasing.
imageMy son’s design on his own body guard
I haven’t completed all the quests associated to this DLC but I already had some fun designing robots. So did my son. The only issue as always is the lack of adhesive and the constant need to search for all sorts of rubbish out there in Commonwealth.
Given the fact that my level is quite high now and I haven’t got robotics perks or blacksmith one I might not discover all the joys of this DLC until perhaps my next walkthrough, once the survival mode drops in and once I’ll be in a mood for yet another journey.
I must say that Fallout 4 lacks in the replay value for me, mainly in the fact that there is no quests allowing you choice and multiple outcomes like in Fallout 3. Plus I miss the Karma mechanics to some degree so I am not as crazy about the title as I was, although I’ve still had bags of fun with the game.


My own idea of robotic companion.

Other than that, it wasn’t an exciting week. My little one had more fun than me really, blasting through PvZ GW II and Little Big Planet with some bits of robot creation on Fallout. I must admit I thought I’d give the plants and zombies a go, as me and my son did with the first one, but so far I barely looked at the game properly not to mention playing it full blast.
And here is a little treat from Fallout 4, my robot getting all nasty out there in Commonwealth. Enjoy!


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