Ups and downs.


Today’s entry drags me around my own very little, and very crowded tiny world. I’ve been having a lot of pain, breaking through my usual pain relief and it slowly started leading me to spending less gaming time on gaming…
One of my best solution that allow me to hide from the pain that I’m going to be in for rest of my life (bar a miracle), is gaming. It can be a life saver at times, allowing yourself an escape from the invisible claws of pain that very much can take your life away from you and give you something strange in return…
Anyways. Recent weeks has marked some decline in either pain relief or comfort I’m able to find myself in. I noticed that I started spending less of my ‘free’ time on gaming and more on gathering strength to game, which made me rather cranky.
I had been given an old HTC one phone as a thank you gift from someone I know and as this smartphone is capable of running some latest titles from play store it gave me the opportunity to discover how advanced mobile gaming became.
I always looked at people playing on their phones as humans enjoying solitaire and candy crash saga type of things but to my surprise I even found mobile version of Madden which I promptly got busy with.
Mobile gaming might not offer the ability to really get involved in the games as you can with full pc/ console versions but gosh, it turns out it can be a lot of fun and time killing opportunity for the painful moments that strike out of nowhere like no one’s business.
As they say, finding positive things out of negative outcomes is a gift. I doubt I really have it but I’m glad I was ‘given the chance’ to look somewhere else.


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