20 – 25. Who won though?


Well. No one won and there was no losers. My title simply reminds us that is the 20th of March and we still have 25 football-less Sundays to endure in this very dead period of NFL year. I’m pretty sure the next exciting thing we are waiting for is the release of the schedule with dates and times…
How sad it is to be an American Football fan. Choice for this week’s team of the week has been randomly decided to involve one of the Colts divisional rivals so let’s cheer… for money frenzy Houston Texans and let’s see ‘Did any of you know that…?’

  • Brock Osweiler who just joined the Texans in a surprising off season move worth $72M, has been sacked 25 times during his career that included 7 starts and 21 games that he played in since he joined the Broncos. Osweiler completed 61.8% of his passes for 1967 yards 10 touchdowns and 6 interceptions during his 2015 season that saw some extended action and only time will tell us if Houston management had done a good deal by signing him.

  • Brian Hoyer, who started and played the most games at quarterback position in Houston in 2015, was sacked 25 times too and these sacks only included his 2015 campaign. Hoyer threw 19 touchdowns to only 7 interceptions and had 60.7% completion rate but at times it was painful to watch how Houston’s offense struggled so badly.

  • C. J. Fiedorowicz’s, the team’s starting tight end, longest reception of the season was for 25 yards. Fiedorowicz was targeted 24 times and caught 17 passes that resulted in 167 yards and one touchdown. Fiedorowicz also fumbled once. He will be 25 years old in October 2016 during Houston’s next season.

  • Houston defensive team had forced 25 turnovers during the 2015 season. Texan’s defense ranked 7th in points allowed with 313, 3rd in yards allowed with 4963 but were 14th in receiving touchdowns allowed as they let their opponents into the end zone via air mail 24 times. Overall Houston had itself a decent year defensively, only the struggles at quarterback seemed to be stopping their progress. Well, it’s meant to be a history now.

  • Kareem Jackson who wears jersey number 25 had played in the fewest games in season during his whole carer? Jackson started only 10 games and showed itself in two more but he still had one of better years production wise as he had two interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown, he forced a fumble and recovered one too and added 52 tackles (his second highest record after his rookie campaign, where he amassed 58). Not bad for a fairly quiet secondary player.

And it pains me that each week the number and chosen team don’t produce some mind numbing numbers and results that could scream from the headlines of many newspapers but as much as we like to think about glory, records and highlights, any sport involves plenty of players that many fans never heard of but without whom, the stars we hear about each day, wouldn’t be able to blossom. Team sports. Funny thing. And we killed another Sunday!

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