Gaming week load.

Fallout 4_touchdown

Moment of unlocking ‘touchdown’ trophy in Fallout 4. Cool screen shot feature.

Another week’s coming to an end and we are closer to… well many things. Highlight of my last seven days in terms of gaming must be the fact that a I finally plucked up a courage to pre order ‘MLB The Show 16‘ and I did it as soon as it appeared on the European PS Store, just in case if it decided to disappear from there. I was lucky in terms of finances recently so I didn’t have to worry about that.
I think Diamond Dynasty is going to be my main to go mode to get going; as I got the MVP Edition and I pre ordered it I’ll have some packs to start me off in this mode I guess. But that’s not until after the Easter.
Recently I’ve been mainly trying to master the art of naval war by spending quite a good chunk of my gaming time at  leveling up and earning XP playing ‘World of Warships’ on my rusty and trusty PC with a budget-not-even-gaming-graphic-card. I’ve gotten better at it but I’m still quite a noob at it and being the first to day in a random battle isn’t something out of ordinary for me. My son has enjoyed it too so we managed to reach tier IV ships finally and our to go to ships are Langley (aircraft carrier), Phoenix (Cruiser) and Wyoming (Battleship).
We also just recently got going with the Russian destroyers and we’re working towards Gnevny, tier V DD as despite being the weakest type of ships these ‘little’ things are fun to blast around and time goes by faster than for example when captaining Wyoming and watching her main battery turrets turning with a speed of drying paint.
The only console games I really gave some thought this week was Fallout New Vegas (only £6) on PS3 and Madden on PS4.  With M16 it was just a matter to playing league games (both of which I lost rather badly after good starts) and trying not to get frustrated with my rusting skills. As far as Fallout is concerned I reached the Strip and I got involved in several quests around the casinos and Mr. House so clearing all these is going to take some time, especially that I encountered a couple of glitched quests that I don’t seem to be able to figure out. Still fun.
The news of Automatron coming to Fallout 4 in few days got me a bit excited but I realised I might actually wait longer to do my second run through the game and when the DLC comes out I might just play with it for a while just to see what you can do there without spoiling additional quests for me later. Or I might just get on with earning the  trophies there… Time will tell.
NBA 2k16- I haven’t actually played it for a while now but just yesterday I popped the disc in as I was going to do a MyTeam game but by the time I got to it I realised how much of the VC I earned by using the android companion app and bought couple of MVP packs for 7500 VC each and I pulled 94ovr amethyst Stephen Curry and it was really surreal as I am usually not lucky with all these packs in NBA or Madden. Hey, once in a while I guess…
And that basically sums up my gaming week. Slightly boring I guess but springs and summers usually end up being sluggish for me. Anyway. Thanks for staying tuned, until the next time gals and lads!


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