Day 498. Crazy, crazy world out there!

Fallout 4_funky_dude

Tom C. enjoying himself to death.

There was no break in the clouds. None at all. I started believing that we will never see proper sunshine and that whatever nature creatures were coming slowly back to inhabiting the sad remains of the Earth, were going to die out again due to lack of the direct sunlight.
I know it was too early for any kind of conclusions leading to another end but somehow, all my life I was more on the half empty glass side than to be on the half full glass side. That was my genetic and social build I suppose.
It was a bit harder to get that insight out of Nick as the way he saw the world was… neutral to some degree. He wasn’t lacking in human emotions or feelings, he just processed stuff and then he spat out his ‘human’ version of what bugged his insides. I started to find his presence rather comforting.
For so many years the society pushed the black – white, good – bad approach into my consciousness that when faced with a topic that had multiple ways of resolution (like any kind of conversation with Nick) my mind raced to the black – white end… while Nick’s mind had plenty of grey shades everywhere that were happy to remain grey or less grey without the need of becoming white or black.
There was no pessimists or optimists in Nick’s world. There just wasn’t place for polar opposites and it was strange. It wasn’t strange only due to the concept itself but to the fact that the synths were meant to be human’s invention and yet these came out so advanced(?).
Maybe some story about the Institute and synths themselves became skewed with the time passing, or maybe it was precisely planned operation…?
It was getting all a bit too much for me but luckily we came across a ruined diner and our moods perked up a bit as we could easily see, even from a distance, that we had another “client” to get busy with.
It was just an ordinary diner that somehow survived in the middle of nowhere, making it look like a sore thumb sticking out of someone’s arse… but it was there and we could perhaps get a bit of rest here.
After some research within the diner, and around greatly placed skeleton, we got a bit of information to work with. We were standing in front of Tom Clancy’s bones and these bones saw some interesting stuff. Well, that’s what me and Nick thought…
Tom used to make computer applications and programs that were meant to find a path through time warps to allow faster travel between gigantic distances. It was all too technical for me and, honestly kind of boring so I wasn’t paying attention to that bit of Tom’s live. No, that was too sci- fi for me. His love for food wasn’t though…
As we were scavenging through holotapes or bits of information included there and as we trued to dig out any personal info from Tom’s holotag we finally started getting a better picture of him and perhaps his end.
Tom had many brothers and all of them seemed to be better off than Tom, at least in Tom’s mind. His greatest pain was the lack of life partner and that led Tom to finding a strange hobby that would fill empty hours when he wasn’t working with computers.
He separated from his family quickly and spent most of his life alone, bar some co- workers or people that he’d come along at work. After his work time he used to become Jack and Jack’s passion was food, restaurants, odd dishes and crazy amounts of them.
It wasn’t clear to us why he needed second persona but from his notes it seemed he just needed that kind of escape from his cruel reality. It was sad really, to find a lone soul that probably died all alone among the strangeness of the world.
We found some very faded posters that perhaps shed some light on why Tom… erm Jack found himself here. There was an eating tournament happening, that would allow the owners of the diner to find the biggest, greediest, hungriest creature possible. Me and Nick decided to leave the case as one that saw Jack being defeated by his only love of his life. Food…
Well it didn’t really matter how accurate we were really as what mattered to me, was the sad and true fact that all the remains I came across since starting my personal escape, were in no way connected to me or my past… or at least the known me and my past…
I tried talking to Nick about the reasons for why I was doing it and where I thought I headed but Nick just told me to try to enjoy the journey and stop looking for the destination.
I was going to try to forget about the destination that to some degree was quite murky and unknown to me. I was going to try to do that and to try to enjoy my discoveries of the Wasteland… No matter how twisted these were.
I just wished for some sunshine to finally warm up my tired body…


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