Day 494. There used to be a sunshine after the rain…

Fallout 4_shower_scene

The last shower of Marion C.

Do you remember when someone would say ‘There will be sunshine after the rain’? Well I do. It was such a common phrase and such a true one. The rain drops would fall then eventually the Sun would clear them away, turn them into steam that would raise back up to fall on us as rain again…
Life was simple and we made it so complicated.
Hmm… After this strange and long episode of radioactive rain had finally came to a stop, me and Nick headed out expecting a walk in a somewhat sunny settlings. For some reason a semi thick cover of cloud remained with us, above us and there was no sunshine after rain. There just wasn’t any sign of the skies clearing out…
We walked for a while towards a new point in the horizon and we talked about this strange phenomenon and we wondered if we would ever see the Sun again. It must had been well over a week now without a single, the smallest break in this sinister looking sky.
Nick hypothesised about another bomb perhaps or some nuclear end to this sad world but there wasn’t any signs of emergency within the nature itself. No sign of rush or any anomalies (at least what we, would call anomalies- funny how human begins can adapt fairly easy but yet through centuries human race tried to adapt its environment to suit their needs…)
Our point in the horizon started growing and getting some familiar shapes until we finally stood in front of a small bungalow where we expected, someone lived at some point in time. I had this absurd thought of knocking on the doors (I really don’t know where it came from as Wasteland’s rules didn’t involve good manners or any basic courtesy anymore) but Nick managed to open the doors before I even fully realised what I was about to do.
Inside we found a very messy lounge and a kitchen full of pans and broken glass, a bedroom with a toilet and then a bathroom where we found our next ‘project’.
We assumed the skeleton presented to us was once this house’s occupier and after quick search for the hologram and different bits within the bedroom we could easily give the bones a name and a reason (well to a certain degree)…
Marion Crane was her name and she used to play in a theatre that was created post war, perhaps some years ago. From the bits of holotape and some poorly preserved pictures we assumed the theater main purpose was to bring as many old stories from the old world as possible to carry on with some continuity…
It was unclear to us how the people involved in the theatre were able to gather pre-war information. More importantly we wanted to know where this theatre was and if it was still functional. It was a long shot but we had nothing to lose.
After more thorough search and a night full of strange dreams I came to a conclusion that there was nothing else to find out about the theater but we gathered a bit about Marion.
As it turned out it was a story of a young woman who escaped one of the vaults. She was born and raised there but by the time she was 9 her parents or any members of family appeared to be lost to Marion. So she went onto learning in the vault and getting better at different crafts until the age of 15, making very little friends and acquaintances.
Apparently she was a great looking girl with a curve or two that would bring many man’s water to boil so somehow she ended up as a lover of the deputy overseer. Whether it was mutually agreed or imposed decision was not known to us but we found out that it led Marion to leaving the vault 17 and killing her lover.
Once out, Marion used her body and charm to get through many sticky situations as she travelled from the south. How far the travel was and how long it took, we didn’t know, but we knew was that once in the Boston areas Marion wanted to settle, slow down and see what life brings to her.
And the life did bring her someone. That someone was Norman, a small casino owner. The two quickly found common language and it looked like Marion finally had a glimpse of luck striking her way. It felt this way until she realised that Norman had a very unhealthy role playing fetish, something that started invading their bedroom life more and more often.
It was something she didn’t agree with, something that was done to her many times against her will. Something that led Marion to stabbing Norman in his sleep.
She escaped under the cloak of night and moved some miles away where she found a calm settlement of older people that were a bit strange, as she noted in her holojournal…
Rest of the story is a bit bland until Marion realises that Norman was married and he had thought he lost his wife in some super mutant ambush. It turned out that his wife found out all about Marion and Norman’s fling and somehow she traced Marion all the way here…
And that’s where the written story ended and life itself presented us this skeleton laid in the shower with no explanation as to what had happened… That is life’s way of covering some stories with the thick and impenetrable cover of mystery and somehow I was actually fine with that…
We needed to move on to keep our quest going but for that night we decided to stay with Marion until the next day. Nick said he needed to recharge his batteries and it was an appropriate place to do so.
I wasn’t sure what type of recharging he had in mind but I was too tired to look into the cloudy sky. I was hoping the next time I’d wake up we’d finally see some of the sunshine…


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