Dreamcatcher – Stephen King


“Dreamcatcher” by Stephen King was a book I came towards to quite cautiously but it also was a book that grabbed my full attention nearly instantly. The book isn’t typical book in King’s bibliography but it still provides the murky atmosphere full of anxious expectations and scary awaiting for another dreadful thing to happen.
The story starts with headlines of newspapers carrying news of invasion of aliens so one quickly settles for the right circumstances. We meet Beaver, Henry, Jonesy and Pete; four friends from childhood times that have plenty of histories to share and among them there is one history when they saved mentally impaired boy, who, as it later turns out is a rather special person.
Duddits is his name and he posses incredible powers that enable him make things that are just nearly like miracles. He shares some of his powers with the boys thus creating a somewhat invisible bond between them all and since then the group becomes a close bunch of friends.
When the actions moves forward in time, we meet our four friends during their usual yearly meet-up in the woods, where the guys are meant to hunt, share some jokes with some booze, have some fun and rest from their usual city like lives.
They are in middle of woods in isolated shelter where they are enjoying peace and quiet. It naturally doesn’t last long as a stranger appears near their shelter. His name is McCarthy and he is obviously unwell, he asks the friends for help and the guys are somewhat reluctantly getting involved in story of their lives.
Our protagonists don’t know that inside of McCarthy is growing an alien entity, and he himself is unaware that this is what makes him so unwell. Soon, our friends find out that the whole area is under quarantine and the visitors from out of this world don’t have friendly intentions.
As the story evolves one finds out that the safety of the whole world is at stake and the army that is meant to resolve the situation is under the lead of sadistic soldier named, Kurtz. It all becomes quickly quite complicated and to some degree it looks like it all got out of the hands…
Only by reading “Dreamcatcher” one might find out what pearls of uniqueness had King hidden there and how great the whole story keeps on building one’s anticipation and dread…
I have also watched the movie which wasn’t actually as bad as I’d assume and it enhanced the experience I had with memories coming from book. The DVD can be found here and a for e-book readers, the Kindle copy if the book is here.

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