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Hm…. I think the reasons why my previous attempts of establishing a virtual space to live fell short, were lack of time, too high expectations of myself and sometimes, just luck of stuff to share publicly.
And I realised last night staring at empty word document that I need a better approach to my blogging with better time management and some internal filtering, hence I think (I’m mainly directing it to the few regular readers I have -thank you, BTW!) there will be a bit less of me here and hopefully a bit more of me out there getting to know you guys.
I’m not gonna dump this blog. I’ll do my best to keep it fresh and relevant to me but I think it is simply a matter of quality over quantity and definitely a bit lower set of expectations really (I actually realised that I always expect ridiculous things from myself and then wonder why I feel low…)
Anyways. To sum up; I’m planning to read and visit more blogs while keeping my space going but at slower pace.
Personal note regarding gaming: World of Warships kind of stole my gaming time. Well to some degree as with my back, sitting for long time in front of the PC screen is really hard so this is really helping me in not getting all sunk into the (sadly) pay-to-win game.
Since I’m not into paying for virtual currency or coins or whatever it means that progressing the ships development is slooooooow but still it brought a nice breeze of youth to my life when I reminisced about the times I spent reading and learning about naval battles during the world wars and hours of fun building plastic models (yes… I also thought of acquiring a few cheaper models but so far I’m holding onto my sanity).
It all started with my son actually, who wanted to watch some ship battles and quickly spiraled into mayhem. It eventually calmed down when I got him few books by Philip Kaplan for our bed time reading (yes I know!).
We discovered World of Warships existence and then slowly stuck our teeth in by downloading it onto our rusty PC and jumping in to play on and off, leveling up and so forth while getting better at shooting and dodging bullets.
Crazy how life somehow makes a magic turn making you feel like you just went back so many years….
If there are any warship fans here, please see if Battleships: The First Big Guns fits your taste and then if you enjoyed the first part, there is more in Battleships: WW II Evolution of the Big Guns and then the series ends with World War Two at Sea: The Last Battleships.Plenty of great, never seen photographs with a great chunk of history of big guns development during the early 1900s. We’re still reading it and I found it so well presented it is a nice to jump from chapter to chapter.


One thought on “Blogging life…

  1. I started playing Far Cry Primal this week and so far I’m loving it. (Wait for the first expressions post on my blog.) I also took a jab at DOTA 2 because one of my friends is a die-hard fan of it. While the visuals were definitely good and I could see why this game would be interesting to play as part of a team, it was too long for my taste and there were too many things to learn. I’d rather learn fewer things and focus on simple storyline (like Far Cry 4 or GTA 5) so that I can enjoy the experience.

    I’ll probably take another look at DOTA 2 sometime in the future, but I gotta finish Far Cry Primal, Far Cry 4, and start playing Life is Strange. 🙂

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