Indianapolis Colts – catching up thoughts.


So. Here. Another season of the NFL has gone and a new one came along making some people heftily rich or famously retired. I actually spend time to watch Peyton Manning’s press conference and it amazes me how much effort, time, commitment and heart the greats put into their careers that when it comes to end, all they can do is to try to stop themselves from crying… Grown arse men…
Anyways. The post is not about the ones who left for well deserved retirement. The entry here is basically to help me keep an eye on what’s happening around the Colts camp and keeping all the surprises (and obvious staff) in check and even before the new NFL year started we had some moves that surprised me a bit.


Tight Ends dilemma- so far, couple of days into new NFL year, the tight end position shocked me the most. I always had a liking towards Coby so his departure and Dwayne’s staying is a shocker to me.
Offensively Fleener makes a lot of sense (to me), to date he had three 100-yards receiving games, and Allen’s high is 75 yards from his rookie campaign. Altogether Allen played 43 games that resulted in 1045 receiving yards (24.3 yds av) to Fleener’s 60 games resulting in 2154 receiving yards (35.9 yds av).
Since starting in 2012, both tight ends were quite a dangerous duo but Flenner made 60 games out of 64 (started 45) and Allen already fought through injuries resulting in him recording 43 games out of 64, starting all 43. That’s 2-0 for Coby here. At least from my point of view.
The team’s point of view is harder to put in numbers as it comes to tight end’s ability to bloke, brake tackles- generally be more of a physical force. And by the look of things that immeasurable quantity earned Allen deal with the Colts, while Fleener (sadly for me) moves to New Orleans. Both guys got similar contracts with Fleener cashing out 36 million dollars during 5 years from the Saints and Allen getting 29.4 million of dollars but for 4 years. Both are getting slightly above $7M per year. Although we know how contracts work.

The whats??????

Couple of restructured contracts raised my brows. Trent Cole and Arthur Jones, took some pay cuts to remain with the Colts. As I’m still having a bit of hope that Jones could be that run stopper the team needs, I’m not sure Cole is really going to deliver any good quantity of pressure towards quarterbacks…
Apparently market is very shallow when it comes to pass rushers hence Cole will earn $2M as opposed to $4.25M and Jones will earn as well $2M but reduced from $4.5M.
Let’s hope the vets will deliver some magic.
Matt Hasselback’s departure into land of ESPN, comes a bit as a surprise as he was leaning towards one more year. The Colts, weren’t.
Dwight Lowerly, last year’s signing as a free safety escaped my radar most of the year so when I saw his name I was a bit surprised, then I became more surprised when I realised he departed to San Diego, who offered him three year deal.

The expected

Adam Vinatieri resigned with the Colts for another 2 years that might see him earning $6M. Given that he hit 55 out of his 58 field goal attempts in last two seasons it wasn’t a brainer. It was a nice surprise the see the old geezer wanting to carry on playing though.
Andre Johnson was officially released of his duties after a very disappointing season where he had not a single game with 100 receiving yards, managed to grab 41 passes for 503 yards. Given his high cap figure from his original three year deal worth of $21M, it made sense for Colts to move on.

‘What are we waiting for???’

No. It is not about Andrew Luck. He’ll get paid. Jerrell Freeman is still not re-signed by the Colts. I don’t know why… He had a great season with 66 tackles, three sacks, one pick six and one fumble recovery. I think, the dude worked his arse out in Indy since joining from CFL in 2012.
Freeman played 57 games out of 64, starting all of them. While his production dropped a bit, probably due to missed games due to injuries, I really think the Colts should try to sign him before someone else steals him from us.

And so far that’s all what I managed to grab from Colts’ universe. Hopefully the team will be ready to bounce back up and attack back, challenging for the AFC Championship game, at the very least.


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