Nemesea – In Control

Since I slightly drifted away from my usual musical territories I’d like to mention a dutch band, Nemesea. I was introduced to their music by my friend who plays drums and who linked me a drum solo from Nemesea’s concert album as he knew I enjoyed the craft of drummers.
Anyway that solo led me to discovering pictured above album “In Control”.
It isn’t my mainstream music I associate myself with often but the catchy tunes, with really quite cool sounding, down to earth type vocals by Manda made this album one of those that became my ‘go-to’ selection during the days when I just wanted some music without much of deep thinking (no disrespect here to band and their music, but I always enjoyed having ability to listen to something that wouldn’t provoke deep thinking and wouldn’t necessary be actually ‘my’ type of music, and thats where this album sits for me) just listening and enjoying the sounds surrounding you.
There’s plenty of synths and upbeat, very nicely mixed up with loads of energising guitars and skilful drumming. The whole atmosphere reminds me a bit of industrial genre where the guitars sound a bit more processed and razor-sharp like. The genre of electro-goth was always a bout of an odd apple to me so I always struggled with placing bands there but I think Nemesea belongs there (at least slightly).
The vocals are nice and at times grab you somewhere deep inside but for me these are a nice change from the opera like vocals of Tarja’s, which is good since I do have a like in female front bands but the down to earth sounds are sometimes forgotten in the albums in favour of powerful vocals that crash you all the way into a ground.
All in all, I said I like to go for this album in times when I’m not in specific mood but looking for some upbeat rhythms with some grizzly guitars and funky drums filling in nicely along some keyboards stuff.
Album is definitely worth giving a try and if you are Amazon Music member, clicking on the cover art picture up the top will allow you to get the album from there.
If you don’t have the Amazon Music account, the whole album is easily found here. Let me know what you think if you happen to give it a good listening session!


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