The Storm of the Century – Stephen King


“The Storm of the Century” by Stephen King didn’t come to life as a novel, it ended up being a screenplay for TV miniseries and then it was published as a book. Nevertheless, it is another quite atmospheric novel that keeps you turning pages as fast as you can read, until you can finally unravel the mysterious twist or a character’s intentions.
In this title that mysterious character is Andre Linoge who arrives to a small island of Little Tall, in Maine when the inhabitants are preparing themselves for the coming of winter storm that was branded by meteorologists as a storm of the century.
As the first snowflakes touch the ground, Andre arrives and brutally murders one of the oldest citizens of the town, Martha. He then calmly sits in an armchair, holding his walking stick, embroider with a silver head of a wolf, that is covered in blood…
Andre allows the town’s sheriff to arrest him but that doesn’t stop more and more dead bodies being reported as the town goes into a bit of panic, as some citizens brand Andre a pure evil, something from out of this world due to the latest victims appearing to be unexplained suicides blamed on the arrival of our antagonist.
Quickly it turns out that Andre knows everyone’s sins and secrets, eventually implying  that everyone will die in the end unless the people give the stranger what he had come here for…
What is it though and are the people happy to give it up? Will the people of Little Tall co-operate or will they try to face the now obvious evil force that came into their lives to reveal their secrets that were hidden deep underneath…?
I had not heard about “The Storm of the Century” until I actually came across the TV series. I wasn’t keen on watching it since I hadn’t read the story but eventually I decided to give it a watch and never really managed to finish. Instead I eventually read the book and I didn’t regret finding out the solution to the mystery this way.


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