Factory of Dreams – Melotronical

I really have no idea how I got my hands on “Melotronical” by Factory of Dreams since I had never heard about that band before I was looking at the cover of the album. I do know why I decided to keep it though as it was filling a void that occurred with the Nightwish original band’s fallout. Since then I really missed something and despite following Nightswish and Tarja after their roads split I needed something and this is the reason why this album stayed with me and got transferred to my MP3 Player (old fashioned???).
I am still to listen other albums of Factory of Dreams (I don’t really listen to songs individually and I tend to hang onto listening certain albums for months sometimes) but if rest of their music (Melotronical was their third album) is in similar atmosphere of haze and storm then I’d be quite happy. Unfortunately I’m a slow listener so the back log grows…
Back to the album which, if you are Amazon Music member, you can obtain by clicking the picture of its cover on top. The music took me by surprise with all the gentle keyboards and vocals of Jessica that fazed me and promised something along a relaxing evening quickly turned into burst of aggression and fury with the guitars going nuts and the drum parts, funny enough, appearing to try to keep up, not the other way around as it normally in music is.
I think the vocals really drew me in and while I had come a long way to enjoy all this electronic stuff it was mainly the words that firstly hit me, allowing the guitars to continue with crashing my senses.
The whole album merges two themes for me. One, of day dreaming or perhaps late afternoon napping with the other being not so much a nasty wake up call but more in line of much needed awakening.
Given the fact it is only two member enterprise the effect of the album is so much more impacting and goosebumps producing that one might think they’d just listen to orchestra accompanying a metal band that furiously need to get their stuff out of their hairy chests.
As always, writing about music isn’t my strongest attribute but if you like progressive metal, full of female lullabies mixed skillfully with some explosive guitars, well exercised mixture of keyboard effects and fast paced drums getting the album is really worth your time.
If you are not a member of Amazon Music then you can obtain the album here, otherwise click the album cover picture on top.
Enjoy the lullabies and sweet dreams!


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