Desperation – Stephen King


I wasn’t convinced when I saw “Desperation” by Stephen King on a shelf in one of libraries I used to go. There was something about the book cover that just didn’t seem right, but as they say ‘Never judge book by its cover’ I grabbed it. Plus it was another of King’s babies so I had no choice really.
The book starts somewhere in US on Route 50, the least travelled, almost abandoned road in the States. Travellers who are forced to take this route are welcomed by shocking emptiness. There’s nothing but sand, more sand and a bit more of sand and plenitude of unbearable heat falling down from the skies on anyone who finds themselves unlucky to be alive here.
In these circumstances one meets Mary and Peter Jackson, which are stopped in the middle of nowhere by a policeman named, Collie Entragian. The couple is shocked by lack of reason for the stoppage as well as the size of the copper as he is enormous. He is incredibly tall and also incredibly strange as soon enough he starts to display signs of slight madness by shouting something in incomprehensible language.
Eventually the couple is accused of possession of weed, they are packed into back of the police car and taken to the nearest town that is named, Desperation.
Peter and Mary are watching in horror what is happening in front of their eyes and they are terrified by the look of the town that appears completely abandoned. The silence around it nearly screams into their ears. Its the type of silence one wants to run away from not to be invited into.
The marriage notices a mining infrastructure not far in distance but sadly they are unable to spot any signs of any kind of activity there. Everything is dark and bleak and it’s an atmosphere that our couple really don’t like. When they finally arrive at the destination, they realise that they weren’t Collie’s first prisoners…
As the story evolves we realise that some dark powers took over the town and the policeman had became a tool of the evil that is meant to destroy anything that comes close enough to town’s vicinity…
Eventually the little group of people that were once arrested by Collie and a couple of survivors from the town must make a firm decision and face the evil. Since they all appear powerless and without strong will that is caused by overpowering fear, the story really starts taking on a dramatic turn…
“Desperation” is a bit different than most of King’s books and it took me a while to get sunk into the action but once I was caught I felt like a greedy fish that chased after a wrong worm and get caught by a very hungry fisherman…


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