Current Mood – Anathema – Judgement – Natural Disaster – Double Bill

I have recently written about Anathema’s younger album and it is not sitting right with me not to include the Mother Of It All (at least for me) “Judgement” album in my journey through music. If you click at the picture above you’ll be able to obtain a double portion of listening as Amazon Music offers Judgement with a younger child of Anathema, “A Natural Disaster”.
Both albums are very very very close to my heart as I had discovered them in very precious and fragile moments of my life and I think these two words describe these two pieces very well.
Anathema’s “Judgement” is more precious than fragile while “A Natural Disaster” leaves the preciousness behind a bit and takes you through lands of fragility…
It is hard, as I mentioned earlier, to put music into words but for me “Judgement” was an album that travelled with me from early mornings of love making, through afternoons of anger and evening of exhaustions, taking me to nights full of wonder or fear.
When I realised that ‘One last Goodbye’ was a song dedicated to mother of the Cavanagh’s brothers (who had died a year prior to album’s release) it really hit me hard and left me really shattered as to how many feelings can travel with the beat of drums or lingering riffs of guitars… The whole album then gathered completely new light that casted different shadows on the songs throughout the album.
I think it is also the first album where Lee lend her female vocals that blend so well with Vincent’s voice and the overall sound of Anathema’s music that lingers… I think this is the best way of describing their songs. They linger and slowly turn into another piece, seamlessly.
We sometimes go through angry moments with plenty of guitars and drums explosions which then blend with much calmer moments of more keyboards and piano bits thrown into mix to follow the gentler guitars that somehow calmed down after expressing all the anger and frustration and that’s where Anathema headed with their music.
Only few years later they released ‘A Natural Disaster’ where the guitars became almost lazy and sleepy and so gentle that one nearly stops breathing as not to break the almost perfect harmony…
It all becomes very gentle in most of songs where we just follow a natural flow of a river of gently sounds and, oh so, tender and compassionate vocals of Vincent that are joined again by female parts performed by Lee, who I think is showcased much more within the band.
The music becomes more easy listening sounding but sudden tempo changes or couple of more violent songs remind us where Anathema came from and make us wonder where they are heading almost pausing our lives and forcing us to look at what we left behind and what we hope for in the future…
As much as Judgement could go with me almost anywhere for almost any occasion, A Natural Disaster became a friend who I’d call in time of need or sorrow…
I don’t think that my writing can make these two albums any kind of justice but I now feel better to include these two titles in my blog.
If you are not an Amazon Music member you can obtain these albums here and here. They are really worth holding onto…


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