Stephen King – Four Past Midnight


Once the world of short stories embraced me there was no escaping and each book consisting series of shorter pieces was always a welcomed addition. It was no different with “Four Past Midnight” by Stephen King. I mean the title sounded quite intriguing from the go and the rest was just a turbulent journey through some scary valleys of King’s mind.
‘Langoliers’ set the benchmark high from the go. It is a story that follows a flight 29 from Los Angeles to Boston. On the plane during the flight all passengers fall asleep. When some of them wake up, they realise many people had mysteriously disappeared and terrifyingly they realised it also included the flight crew with pilots.
Luckily (not really a great word to use here) there is a pilot amongst them and they land the plane just to discover the airport they landed remains empty, the air appears strange and everything is stale and tasteless…
And soon our characters realise that the world must have fallen victim of strange creatures they named, Langoliers. The creatures are eating everything they come across. In this story one not only moves in time, as it turns out that plane had flew through some kind of rift, but also in space as the story also revolves around vision of a sick brain one of the characters.
There’s a serious need for a solid break before you jump into the unknown of ‘Secret Window, Secret Garden’ where the main protagonist, Morty, is visited by a mysterious man who accuses him of stealing his story.
This simple accusation changes life of Morty’s into a living nightmare as there are no limits in how far a mentally unstable mind can go. Or are there…?
‘Library Policeman’ is a whacky read as initially you think it is a story you’d tell your offspring to keep them in check in regards of returning books in time to their library. As the storey evolves, you realise that there is much more to it than that policeman and it involves now dead, director of said library, Mrs. Lortz. See for yourself how far you think you can face against the pair of scary and crazy creations of author’s mind.
And to finish off our another discovery of Stephen King’s mind we have ‘The Sun Dog’ a crazy little story that involves us into a history of a camera that takes pictures that the photograph doesn’t see in real life as these pictures depict a dog that wants to attack the photographer. How will our protagonist manage to deal with the camera and will he have to face that dog too?
I was very pleased after reading “Four Past Midnight”, especially Langoliers and Library Policeman gave me enough material for nights of nightmares and months of worrying. There was always a wish that King extended some of the novellas into proper full length books but I think it is just my little fixation on the joy of escaping from the real world into worlds created by others and staying there as long as possible.


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