Day 482. Simple things.


Gregory K. worn out by his postman duties.

We didn’t manage to get inside of the Rely Station’s basement. There were just too much junk and too little man power to worth the bother.
In the end we had all of these areas to ourselves and we didn’t have to dig to find bodies. These were everywhere.
As sad as it was, Nick seemed to have perked up a bit and for a half of a day he was telling some crazy stories from his detective times. It was so idyllic for several hours that I almost forgotten where we were and what was happening around us.Well what already happened actually, as the current time seemed to have gone into slow motion, or we sped up. It didn’t matter.
For the few hours of us walking and Nick doing most of detective talking I remained myself how good we had in the olden days. How everything was easy to fix and how we managed to complicate every damn thing that eventually led us to this….
Idling land with remains of humanity mostly turned into radioactive nightmares we would have back in the day after we ate something rotten or smoked something dodgy.
And yet, somehow or other, the nightmares became reality. At least these were my reality and there was no alarm clock to save me from a monster or from that enormous fall…
Anyway. Nick’s stories came to a sudden stop when we approached an isolated building. Someone’s home one day… As soon as we were through the doors, we were welcomed to another faded memory of the past. Yet another skeleton, yet another mystery.
Before we got to find out more about our discovery we had to despatch a malfunctioned Mr. Handy which attacked us out of nowhere when me and Nick were reflecting about our own things.
Gregory Kremmer his name was and he was a postman from the good days. As sad as it appeared we realised that he was probably out delivering his post while the bombs fell… Perhaps he looked for shelter here? Perhaps he hoped that radiation wouldn’t get to him…? Or the shock of explosion?
It was hard to decipher that puzzle but from what little we managed to gather, Gregory left his wife and three kids that day… or they left him…? There was no drama associated to his person, no known to us illness or an angry argument resulting in us finding his bones. It all appeared so casual…
Gregory had a big bag full of letters(?), small parcels(?) that now turned to dust… He also had a holotape which revealed nothing but a soothing jazz that it was so pleasant to listen to. We let it all play out just in case there would be hidden information somewhere inside but no, just music he must had to listen to while doing his duties or perhaps while he looked for shelter when the bombs fell…
The bombs full of radioactive energy. Some were also full of unknown to us viruses causing mutations and death… The bombs that started my journey despite me enjoying the previous one so much, even though at that time I can vaguely remember feelings of depression and boredom coming to the surface…
Nick decided it wasn’t save here so we rushed out to find a better shelter to gather some energy and allow us some rest. We would probably travel through the night but that wouldn’t be an issue, especially not for Nick who was made to go on, no matter what… Unless he chose not to…
I wished my existence was that simple but no, sometimes I had to rest, had to sleep and had to have nightmares about how beautiful the old world was and how unreachable it had became…
It was going to be a long night in the world where clocks didn’t matter anymore…


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