One down, 27 to go!


It is 6th of March and there are 27 more Sundays standing between us and the first regular season football Sunday. It is a bit of a drag but we all must endure the journey that will finish in first part of September.
The NFL Combine had long been finished and there is plenty of dust in Indianapolis that needs… dusting off, there have been plenty of new names of young athletes being thrown around the media as to who is gonna be the next who, and who reminds us of other whos but I’ll leave it to professionals that deal with the stuff daily.
Here, as we have done it in the past we’ll look at the magic of numbers and today’s winner is number 27. As last week I paired number 28 with Super Bowl Champs, Broncos I should probably mix 27 with the Panthers just for equal measure of… erm… Well why not. So without further ado:

Did you know that?

  • Cam Newton will be 27 years old on May 11th and he already has an NFL MVP award to his name. Despite quite a young and ripe age, Newton isn’t even in top 10 youngest NFL MVP winners. Nevertheless in 2015 he led the NFL in total touchdowns with 45 scores. 35 through the air and 10 on his legs. He put an incredible campaign despite fairly mediocre passing stats and came just one win shy of reaching the Lombardi Trophy.

  • Ted Ginn returned 27 punts for a total of 277 yards averaging 10.3 yards per attempt. He is yet to return a punt for a touchdown while wearing Panthers jersey. He has done it four times in his career. Ginn had one of the busiest seasons of his career as he was targeted 97 times (career best), caught 44 passes (career 2nd), while recording 739 receiving yards (2nd) for an average 16.8 yards per reception (1st) and whopping 10 touchdowns (career best by a mile, up to start of the 2015 season, Ginn had caught 11 touchdown passes). Quite a year for a 30 years old vet.

  • Carolina Panthers finished 4 games when they scored 27 points. What’s interesting all these games happened within team’s first 9 games. These games were: week 3 against the Saints with the end result 27-22 in favour of Panthers; week 5 at the Seahawks, nail biting run to the finish 27-23 for the Panthers; week 6 against the Eagles, easy win 27-16 and week 9 at the Titans turf where the Panthers even more easily won 27-10.
    The second most common score was 38 (three times) and it occurred between week 14 and 17. The only time Panthers didn’t score 38 points in that period of time was in their only loss of the season to the Falcons.

  • Roman Harper, starting strong safety, recorded 27 tackle assists on the way of total 46 tackles during 2015 season. Rest of his season wasn’t very explosive as he grabbed two fumble recoveries and defended five passes during fairly quiet individual campaign. Or perhaps his colleagues were just going 110% through the season as the Panthers finished in top five in carious defensive metrics.

  • When the Panther’s first game of the 2016 will be done and dusted, Brad Norman, teams punter, will be celebrating his 27th birthday. (I know there’s a lack of 27 among the Carolina players). Norman had a fairly decent season having punted 70 times for 3175 yards, with the longest punt only 7 yards shorter of his record 72 yards, which he accomplished twice in his career in two different seasons.

That will be it for this week’s edition of ‘Did you know Sundays’ as obviously the numbers are all against us and the number 27 was awkward enough to avoid big time players Carolina has on the roster like Kuechly, Davis, Olsen or Stewart. Funny enough, the team’s average age is just under a year from being 27 years old. Sometimes not much can be done about the numbers, except looking into wallet and counting money one might have so they can look at cool stuff to buy such as this great looking Cam Newton’s figurine


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