Different Seasons – Stephen King


“Different Seasons” by Stephen King is a book consisting of four stories, three of which ended up being inspiration for movies, including the quite famous “Shawshank Redemption” film that won many Oscars.
The four novels are tied together by use of subtitles that relate to each of the four seasons. And hence we get Hope Springs Eternal bringing us ‘Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption’ where we are entangled into a long story narrated by Ellis Boyd Redding who is telling us a story of a man, who then became his friend, Andy.
The story told by Ellis shows us what life in the prison Shawshank is like and how the cruelty and hard reality can change a man and make him do quite astonishing things. The story is so much better than the movie, that was probably seen by majority of people.
In Summer of Corruption we are welcomed with story titled ‘Apt Pupil’ which welcomes us into the world of a very bright young boy. The boy who discovered the true identity of his old neighbour gets absolutely fascinated by the old gentleman.
It sounds a bit boring but as soon as one realises that this charming old gent was in charge of concentration camp during the World War II and he did things that are even too scary for horror books, the whole story takes a different direction. Especially when we find out that the boy isn’t really interested in history but he really wants to know all the details of the brutal acts that happened in the camp. The action really gets going and from quite an innocent intro one ends up with a terrifying and shocking piece.
Fall from Innocence welcomes us with ‘The Body’ where we follow four teenage boys that like to hang around together being boys. One of the boys hears a story about a body of boy which had been searched for a long time by many people and realises it could provide a basis for a great adventure.
He shares his finding with the others who agree about the idea being a brilliant one. The twist is here in the person of narrator of the story who tells us how mistaken the boys were, thinking they’d have great time together…
And the book finishes off with A Winter’s Tale that gives us the only story that was not adapted for the screen ‘The Breathing Method’ in which we meet Mr Adley, an old man who gets invited to a certain club by his boss. Every now and again the gents there, tell themselves different stories, leaving a story of Emlyn McCarron for the Christmas Eve. The story takes us back to working years of Emlyn who was a doctor. One day he was visited by a woman who came to him for an advice. The woman stood firmly on the ground, she knew what she wanted and we get to know what she felt, as well as we find out a bit more about Emlyn.
One night the young woman dies and she’ll never be able to see her child who she bore. She dies instantly in an accident just outside of hospital but what happened to the baby? Survived? Died?
Stephen King rarely disappoints and “Different Seasons” are not the title that would disappoint as the stories grab your attention quickly and transfer you into their separate worlds that are a bit out of the world…


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