Current Mood – Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here

Anathema remains very high on my listening list despite the band becoming more and more mellow. When they started in doom/death genre it was a bit too much of hard whacking and too little melody (for me, personally) but then the band reached an era of gothic metal and it was that sweet spot of melancholy, depression and taste of salty tears that made me go crazy about that band…

So as the years started going by and the members of band were going through spiritual changes the music become much more involving and less brutal. As the gothic theme turned into something alternative and then into even more progressive sounds my passion for them remained although each album realised in 21st century would cause a bit of worry of where the guys headed.
“We Are Here Because We Are Here” didn’t initially got me going and seeing all excited about the album but after a few listening sessions I realised that different doesn’t mean bad or good, worse or better. It means different, that’s all there is to it.
And song after song it finally clicked and as ‘Summernight Horizon’ scrolled through my listening parts of brain I realised that, both me and the band, had been through a lot and we evolved and despite the music being fairly calm and the whole album edging at times on something nearly esoteric it is worth recommending not only for long standing Anathema fans.
Outsiders will be welcomed with plenty of piano accompanying the bass guitar and Vincent’s stretching vocals that, for a while now, are frequently joined by female vocals of Lee. It all allows easy following from song to song within an album many would describe as post-rock piece of art. Its up tempo isn’t brutal and falls into your ears easily as well as some nice drumming going from very fast beat to very delicate touches on the cymbals.
HIM’s Ville Valo recorded backing vocals for the ‘Angels Walk Among Us’, one of the songs that one might feel is going to be lifted up in the air and never be back to ground and taking you back a bit into the time allowing some time for reminiscing good old times.
I must admit that describing music comes very hard to me as it’s such an intangible matter making words sound silly and really not in place that is allowed to stand next to pieces of music, hence making my ‘music recommendations’ is rather poorly constructed.
Anyway, if you happen be an Amazon Music subscriber, you can obtain the album by hitting the picture on top of my entry. Alternatively the whole album can be found here.
Easy listening!!!


One thought on “Current Mood – Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here

  1. Nice review, perfectly describes this album. I once bought Serenades in the late 90’s alongside The Light At The End of The World by My Dying Bride, another forefather of the British doom metal scene, and Anathema’s effort didn’t grab me like the latter’s did. Once Anathema shifted to what they’re best known for now it was as though they finally found themselves, and as a result make incredible music.

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