Bag of Bones – Stephen King


The cover of the edition of “Bag of Bones” by Stephen King caught my eye straight away and there was something about it that was promising a good reading session. How mistaken I was… The reading was spectacular and to this point in my life, when I think of the book, I can not decide whether it made me more scared or more sad. I know I felt both, scared and incredibly sad but there were times that I felt really scared and there were times when the sadness was taking over every heart beat in my body…
Michael Noonan is a well known and very popular book writer. One day he is faced with a huge and surprising tragedy. His wife suddenly dies leaving Michael devastated and absolutely shattered emotionally that eventually leads him to struggle with his writing skills and facing nights full of nightmares.
As Michael becomes tired of hiding his true feelings and ensuring everyone around he is fine he decides to visit his and his wife, Jo, summer house named “Sarah’s Laugh”, given the fact some of the nightmares are about the lake house he feels it is the best way to try to shake of the nightmares of his recent tragedy.
After arrival he quickly meets Mattie and Mattie’s daughter Kyra. They both are troubled by Kyra’s grandad, Max, a multimillionaire who tries take the full custody of Kyra since Mattie became a widow. Michael tries to help them but it doesn’t appear easy as the whole neighbourhood seems to be bothered by some supernatural occurrences that are looking like these are linked to Michael, Mattie, Max and rest of the inhabitants of the little town.
Michael is driven to start investigating this whole strange happenings and soon he finds out that relatives of people of the town from a century ago, were involved in some brutal murder that caused the paranormal activity and as it appears it could also have an influence on his wife’s death.
Michael will be faced with a huge task of trying to help the living and the dead inhabitants of that small town to avoid a horrible and scary face off with some powerful and terrifying forces that slowly are poisoning the minds of the people.
In “Bag of Bones” Stephen King really takes his time to build up an element of dread and fear and it takes nearly a whole story for it to peak, but once all the cards are on the table one is glad they stuck with the slow developing story and quite surprised at the outcome of the action.
As I mentioned earlier I can’t decided whether there is more sadness factor in the story or a horror one but the book definitely doesn’t leave fans of horrors disappointed.


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