Night Shift – Stephen King


When I saw “Night Shift” by Stephen King on a shelf of one of my usual libraries I used to go I just grabbed it and was immediately excited as the title and the cover was just basically shouting at me to get it. I felt disappointed when I realised it is a book with loads of short stories included, as then I didn’t really appreciate the shorter form of reading but that book opened doors to a completely new world to me.
And here we get “Graveyard Shift”, a story about a group of people who work night shift in a factory’s basement, cleaning it. The dark corners of the factory might have some furry creatures in there with long tail and bright eyes… Would you like to be around these dark corners?
If you don’t mind, then perhaps reading “The Boogeyman” will cause you a case of goosebumps as you meet Leslie who tells his doctor that he murdered his three children. Very dark and a terrifying story.
In “Trucks” you get to experience the world where the machines rebel against the humans. Once committed to serving the people now they are hunting for their blood and lives. Who is going to win that battle?
“Quitters” is not a story for the smokers. It really isn’t. Our protagonist tries to quit smoking but the habit is stronger than him despite trying a variety of methods. He finally gets a company card from his friend that advertise ‘Quitters, Inc’ as the people who will help him fight the horrid habit. He’ll soon find out how they will go about it. He we will wish he never started smoking in first place.
Everyone loves children, don’t they…? “Children of the Corn”¬† might creep you out and change forever the way you see groups of young children as Vicky and Burt find out what children are capable of in the story which starts from our couple running over a child when they drive. It turns out the child had it throat cut so the duo takes the body to the nearest town. The town is called Gatlin and surprisingly there are no adults around. Just kids… and something else perhaps…?
If you enjoyed “The Stand” you will definitely like “Night Surf” where the world is faced with the coming end as the deadly virus spreads through the humanity. A small group of people survives and starts to wander aimlessly. How are they going to face the catastrophe? How are they face the loneliness? Will they be able to rescue the remains of humanity outside and within themselves?
There is no pretty long intros into each story in the “Night Stand” and some stories are gore and brutal but they still have that specific character we all like in Stephen King’s writing. As I said easier this title opened the world of short stories for me and even though that I wished some of the stories included in this book were longer I really enjoyed going through one set of circumstances to another one, bravely jumping into what was in front of me.


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