Day 475. Nothing’s sacred.

Fallout 4altar

An odd altar within the cemetery not far from Rely Station, East Boston.

It appears that even after the whole world goes to shit, some are still in a need of a spiritual life. Perhaps an escape from the horrid radioactive scenery into visions of redemption and mercy is still quite high on some people’s lists.

As we travelled through some remote (isn’t everything remote nowadays???) parts of the Commonwealth we could see a big satellite dish in a distance. We decided to head in this direction. Travelling outside was such a nice distraction from our recent voyages through the never ending tunnels of the Metro. We had to pop our heads out finally and it was a pleasure to see the leafless tress, broken branches, the odd radscorpion or a distant mirelurk. It was our nature. The way we left it.

Nick carried on being fairly philosophical in much oh stuff that would leave his lips and it was a bit difficult to try to work out what was bugging this crazy creation of the Institute. Poor fucker. At times I was wondering if it was possible for the synth inside of Nick to glitch or develop some bugs and what these could lead to…? It was a bit pointless worry. I’d deal with it as it would hit me, besides I knew several “generic passwords” for resetting synths and Nick told me one of them should work in the end. I really didn’t need a crazy half human half synth creature going nuts on me with some issues that could be well beyond my understanding.

I just hoped that sooner than later (really soon like now) Nick would finally stop talking to me in this encrypted philosophical monologue of his and came back to being the good old self Nick, sounding like some slightly broken gangster from a black and white movies that my great grand parents had to watch. (no matter how crazy the idea sounded before everything went to hell).

Anyway, the dish. We headed towards it but it wasn’t for long until something caught our attention. It was that odd sweet smell that, no matter how crazily it sounded, reminded us of flowers… We headed into this direction and we soon discovered, some strange cemetery, laid with some circular paths, graves laid out in some shape that was just too hard for my eyes and understanding to decipher.

I came to a moral dilemma pretty soon. All the graves had the stones scratched to the point it was impossible to read who laid there and for the odd moment of insanity I thought I’d have to dig out all the bodies and we’ll have to go through them all but the moment of mental breakdown quickly passed and I could think clearer about it all and I decided it was too much to go digging out graves plus something inside of me wasn’t agreeing much with it at all. Call me old fashioned.

Anyway, the sad truth was, as we quickly discovered going deeper into the cemetery, that someone else thought of digging the bodies out and soon we were coming across loads of holes in the ground that led us to this crazy chapel. I mean from outside the little building looked normal but when we went inside it became quite obvious for us that the digging out must had been a plan of some sort of ritual belief as the chapel was crazily decorated with bones, skulls, some flowers (where they started growing flowers???). 

I mean the whole scene looked like there just happened some barbaric ritual that was meant to lead to… well, I couldn’t come with an idea what it was all about, neither could Nick. I did look through the bones but I wasn’t able to find any holotags or anything else. It was almost sterile. I decided to “waste” one photo off my camera and document this place but it was all too strange for us and we decided to leave just in case if the “believers” were to come back and include us as a form of a life stock scarification. I mean fighting was always an option but given how many graves were robbed and how the chapel looked, it could well mean a solidly organised group of fanatics.

Perhaps some traits of crazy human nature were never to die out and perhaps some needed something to worship or at least keep their hopes alive, wrapped up in a cocoon of obscurity. Who was I to decide who was mad and who wasn’t and what madness was in the first place??? The whole world I loved and longed for died many centuries ago and all I was doing, was pretty much slowly losing any remains of the old fashioned sanity that would sooner or later (please let it be later!), turn me into a maniac or at least a suicidal walking bomb….

I just wished I could talk to someone about it but the only person near me wasn’t even human and somehow I thought it wasn’t even the same entity I had meet many radioactive months ago…

I was fucked and I wanted to wake up from this nightmare… But I knew I wasn’t dreaming at all. It was all happening in front of me and I had only way to finish the suffering…

I wasn’t ready for anything…



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