Day 467. New horizons.

Fallout 4_strangers

Megan M. and Steve S. Strangers preserved as a couple.

Change can sometimes be all that we need. Change very often is what we are afraid off though. In the end without a change there is no progress.
I could put each of these statement in front of my relationship with Nick and these would all be true and very much on time. I needed a new direction in my journey but I was afraid to admit it to myself and I needed to grow personally. It was something that slowly was creeping up behind my consciousness and I wasn’t fully aware of that but the journey along Nick would finally make me realise a few things about myself and the state I was in…
As we left The Trading Post, Nick suggested we should keep a low profile and avoid advertising our presence to the outside world. It got me really confused as it appeared we were kind of on our own anyway but after the Prestonian antics I didn’t mind a bit of paranoia served by Nick. So we headed under…
The under meant travelling through network of the old metro lines, it was a temporary solution according to Nick until we’d leave the immediate area of our start. I didn’t ask Nick who we were hiding from but it didn’t bother me that much and actually it sounded like a great start to some crazy adventure…
We didn’t make a long way and we already were blessed with a couple of skeletons we came across in one of the damaged train cars. Nick looked at me as if he was asking “that what you are after, my friend” and I nodded and before I even managed to acknowledge the stuff around me, Nick went on ballistic on us and started spraying some powder all over the bodies, and looking at everything with a magnifying glass, brushing off dust pieces with his tiny brush…
I thought to myself that with so much detailed searching we will be needing days just to get through one skeleton and I could see myself turning into one. I stopped Nick and I explained to him I was only looking for some basic info that would reveal the identity of who these bones belonged to. Nick appeared a bit disappointed but I explained that if we ever came anything suspicious or looking like a great discovery he then could just go all detective-like but in the meantime basic stuff would do.
Well, perhaps I hadn’t the greatest approach to my personal quest but it was mine and I was doing it to sooth my wounds not Nick’s.
It didn’t take long to realise these two birds weren’t connected as the body of a woman was coming from after the big war while the bloke was definitely a pre-war soldier.
Steve Sunny was his name, and he served in an army that fought for freedom and was trying to prevent the bombs falling down on us. There wasn’t much else to go about as all his notes and any other written word was faded and turned to dust as we touched it. We knew he lost the war. We paid the respects and got busy with Megan Moon who was a cancer ridden soul on a quest of finding her lover who served in an army that formed around 100 years ago.
There was a bit more in the story of Megan’s life but we couldn’t make much sense out of it. She either lost her child while in labour or when the baby was young. Her lover was serving in the army and was stationed some distance away from her place.
As she lost the baby the depression drove her to drinking and taking up on different drugs available that were filling empty nights when her lover wasn’t sleeping next to her. The diary we found in one of the pockets mentioned that if Teddy wouldn’t quit the army next time he’d come home, she’d do everything to make him change his mind.
Obviously whatever she did, wasn’t enough and hence she went onto looking for him but what had happened to Teddy and his army remains a mystery to us. As she travelled she noticed the weight loss, and when she was resting in Boston Police Rationing Station she was told by a doctor he thought she had a cancer and they’d take care of her.
Obviously she refused the help and continued her search which must have led her here where she died next to a body of a soldier she never knew but had hoped it was her lover’s. Well at least that was our take on the case and whether we were right or wrong the thought of dying slowly of cancer must have been an experience not many would like to go through in this post apocalyptic messed up world.
Nick seemed very stoic and reserved while I gathered my thoughts finally and decided it was time to leave the couple of strangers to their own flow of time. I knew that soon we’d be heading outside and I was hoping for a bit of sunlight as the recent discovery made me feel a bit strange about myself and my reasons for which I was still alive…
Suicide was always an option for me. From the moment the awful truth spilled it’s secrets in me. From the moment when I realised I’d never see her or them again…
There was something inside me that prevented it from happening yet but I started questioning how strong the thing was and how long it’d travel with me…
All I knew that day, was that I was alive and I was going to be… at least for a while…


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