Gerald’s Game – Stephen King


I am not sure how “Gerald’s Game” by Stephen King ended up in my hands but I remember that I needed only to read the first page and the atmosphere of King’s worlds was already spilling all over me and I knew I was lost to the world without a shadow of a doubt until I’d turn the last page.
So was Jessie. At least to a certain point but let’s start from a different point of the story before Jessie appears to be lost.  Jessie is married to Gerald and their monotonous life style slowly starts to affect their quality of life until Gerald decides to spice things up in their bedroom by coming up with more and more exotic gadgets and games aimed at improving their sex life.
Jessie enjoys the change initially but slowly something starts to change within her and she becomes more resentful. One day, as the couple decides to visit their lake house out of the season for a bit of privacy, Gerald plans something extraordinary while Jessie comes to conclusion she had enough and she’ll do what she can to avoid having sex with her husband.
Matters don’t work out quite well for Jessie as Gerald’s idea of fun that day was to handcuff his wife to bed. As she lies there naked and determined not to have sex with Gerald, he suddenly drops dead on the floor. Heart attack.
Jessie’s relief last only a moment until she realises that the keys to handcuff are way out of her reach and there is no one around that could rescue her as the holiday’s season had finished. She is unable to reach for any cloths, food or water and she’s just there. Naked, handcuffed to the bed.
As the fear grows inside of her and as the daylight slowly fades away Jessie, still stuck in bed starts to realise all she has to wait for is the slow death as she has nothing to eat, nothing to drink… She has a head full of memories from her life, including a series of events from thirty years ago that occurred during the Sun’s eclipse, that possibly led her to this very place. A head full of “what ifs” as her imagination starts playing games with her and the fact she is all alone and naked in the middle of nowhere…
Is she alone though?? And if she’s not, would she prefer to be alone if she was to be faced with whomever there might be…?
As boring as the concept of “Gerald’s Game” might be, the story of a woman that is stuck to bed for long hours turns into a very interesting and nail biting idea with the story from 30 years ago making it for a decent background of what had led Jessie to the place where she is now…
The novel reads well, despite some lengthy and a bit unnecessary descriptions that King sometimes can lose himself within. The end is as always surprising and leaves the reader feeling glad that they “are back to reality”.


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