Day 461. We are finally here.

Fallout 4_20160126231910

Tom H. and Meg R. enjoy their last beverage at a cafe.

Before my and Preston’s roads finally split at The Trading Post, a little settlement with no permanent settlers really, we came across this odd couple preserved behind a table inside of Big John’s Salvage, Red Rocket type of a station.
It was actually Preston who insisted to come inside and check, probably his last gesture towards me, he felt he needed to do. I didn’t wait long and we both quickly found a way inside despite all the rubble around the establishment that looked carefully arranged by someone trying to hide something inside.
There wasn’t much, just a couple o skeletons with another half really sat at one table. Initially we thought the trio knew each other but given lack of any information from the half corpse, mainly resting on table, we focused on the couple…
I don’t think it was a love story and them two were lovers but I might be mistaken. I’m not great at reading people or their minds. There was something about them that indicated they were good friends but nothing more. Pre war couple having a last drink.
Tom Hands and his friend Meg Rain committed suicide. It was as simple as that. Looking through their stuff we found few notes and one of them was saying that these two should meet together at Big John’s and end the infinite suffering together by having their favourite drink that was meant to be spiced up with some toxin that would end it all.
Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll ever manage to establish what really lead them to this actions as there just wasn’t enough information available but the couple was obviously content with their decision and so was that. One minute you enjoy a drink with your friend, the next, a dude finds your bones over 200 years later trying to find out what occurred at this table.
They weren’t poor, ill, troubled. They just appeared to have enough of what was around them at that time and decided to bring the end nearer to their time and it looks like they succeeded.
The half skeleton probably wasn’t involved as his clothing style and look of his bones suggested a different time but I might be mistaken. Preston pulled few jokes about them, especially about the half corpse but I just decided to let it swing by as I wasn’t in a mood for another lecturing tirade. We were done and the end of us was near.
I couldn’t bring anyone named Tom or Meg to my memory so I ticked them off as another pair of strangers I had the pleasure to meet but never speak to. The whole scenery was a bit depressing that day, with the overcast skies and mild wind blowing pieces of rubbish in different places so we left the couple to contemplate another centuries ahead of them.
Preston reminded me of The Trading Post and that’s where we decided to head, hoping to meet some keen travelers and we were not to be disappointed.
As soon as we arrived at The Trading Post, Preston was welcomed with a cheerful scream and all of sudden he was not my problem anymore. Francesca fancied Preston since the Bunker Hill battle where the two met but never had a chance to express her feelings towards Preston as he disappeared from her horny radar during one of the face offs the people had there… Hence her cheering was so loud.
Finally I had a room to breath but it wasn’t like I needed it for a long time and luckily by the end of the day I found sleeping Nick Valentine. A strange human synth who I met probably a year ago during my earlier escapades around the “Wasties” as we used to call the Wasteland.
Nick told me what he had done in the last few months and it wasn’t a lot as he mainly travelled with small groups of people looking for some mysterious stories to engage his detective brain with little success. When he heard what I was trying to do he kindly offered his help and this way I gained another travel companion.
Nick didn’t appear happy, ecstatic or even pleased at the thought of his new way of passing time and it puzzled me for rest of the night why he seemed so distant but to be honest, after Preston’s sing-alongs, having a company that was fairly mentally stable was a godsend.
Preston on the other hand enjoyed his welcome very much that first night. It seemed like Francesca was enjoying it too, while the rest of us was pleased when the welcoming duties finally came to a conclusion and we could all listen to our own thoughts again.
The next day was full of radioactive weather so we laid low until the clouds blanket had become thinner and there was no more threat of a downpour. Me and Nick stocked up on some stuff, I spoke the last time to Preston whose smile was purely disturbing and it was time to take off. I knew there were few settlements not far in many directions so decided to let my heart lead the way…
And it did, and the path was very tough to endure at times but I think it was worth it.
In the meantime though Nick was readying himself to open up to me but I was happily oblivious to what was about to come across us soon…


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