Needful Things – Stephen King

It was a hot, sunny afternoon and I was rushing to finish off my biology essay, I was sat at a corner in library, my thoughts were already circling around “Needful Things” by Stephen King. I had grabbed the title as soon as I noticed it on a shelf of my usual library and the only thing standing between me and the novel was that awful biology stuff for school so i kept on rushing the work just to be able to start another journey. It is funny how our memory clings to some little stuff while forgetting stuff that logic would dictate to say it was more important.
Castle Rock (oh my favourite place in the world at one time) is a peaceful, sleepy little town, where people follow their rules, where they have friends and enemies. A town which is easily found all over the States.
One day, an European traveller moves in to the town and opens a little antique shop in which you can buy everything you dream about. Its owner is Leonard Grant and he is about to turn the place upside down and inside out.
At first most of the people of Castle Rock are apprehensive but eventually one after one they start acquiring things there. One boy gets a signed baseball card of his favourite player, another person gets a pretty figurine and so on. The best thing about that little shop and its owner is that one does not need money to buy the stuff. No, all that is needed is a little favour one does for Leonard and it normally is a little harmless prank towards another citizen of Castle Rock. Harmless? Isn’t it?
What starts happening though is the people who “purchased” anything from the shop and its owner become his prisoners so to speak. You see, Grant captures their souls and by feeding fear into them telling them they might loose their needed item or someone else also wants it, Grant creates a chaos in the little town where eventually the police starts to struggle with enquires as the pranks get more and more refined and brutal.
Sheriff Pangborn decides to do everything he can  to save his town from the mysterious seller but will he manage before the whole town turns into uncontrollable chaos???
While reading “Needful Things” one must ask themselves a question of how far they could go to get their items from dreams and if the price was really worth it. Once you realise that things don’t seem to be what they look like in first place you start to question why you wanted things in first place…
But in order to find out how far you might go, grab the book and find out yourself. I was left speechless after putting the book down as I didn’t expect certain things; and the character of Leonard Grant is described with such detail that I had moments in my life when I thought I came across someone that evil in my life and all I wanted to do was to run…


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