Day 459. Finding stuff is hard.


The life of Frank Johnson ended in a strange set of circumstances.

It’s not going be much longer. Just a matter of days of holding up sane.
That thought kept on bouncing through my tired brain. I knew we had not been far away from a known and established settlement so I was hoping to part ways with Presto there providing we’d find people happy to travel through the Commonwealth with us.
I just didn’t know how to start the awkward conversation with Preston, especially when I realised he kept using some of the Rad-x and buffout to spice up his herbal smokes. It made me wonder what it was making to his already strange state of mental health but you can’t stop people from experimenting with whatever they fancy.
I was going to eventually bring it up, before we’d go our own ways (hopefully) as this stuff keeps us going and nowadays is really considered a medicine more than a recreational drug so I wasn’t pleased to know he was using it for fun. I mean we could go all into a huge philosophical argument about it all but hey. Look around, it was a bit too late to worry about the state of the World.
My quest for the skeleton discoveries wasn’t progressing as smoothly as I anticipated. One would thought you’d be going through hundred a week but sad truth was, plenty of them bones had nothing that would allow any trackable data. I decided to write down locations of the nameless skeletons just in case I’d end up in a neighbourhood in a future wanting to investigate.
All I really wanted were some bones that could be identified and ticked as done, but all I was getting was more questions than answers.
Given the fact that on some level I was escaping the inevitable my stronger inner voice was telling me to just keep on ploughing. So I did.
I was given the temporary relief of sliding the way of depression by coming across my next “project”. We came across Fallon’s Department store and decided to call it a day there. After doing our usual checks and making sure it was semi safe to crash here Preston just flew away into the land of sleep within minutes and all I was left with was a calming peaceful buzzing coming from poorly constructed generator that someone built a while ago.
I found the next “project” in toilets and as I saw what I saw I wondered what this poor soul was trying to accomplish there. When Preston saw it the next day he called it the death’s kiss but by then I had already learned a bit about Frank and his strange life although the scene itself still presented more questions than answers.
Frank Johnson was a post war inhabitant of Boston, that was one certainty. He used to go through a lot of chems on bad days and a lot of booze on good days. I think in the old world I would consider his case to be a lost one but given what the Wasteland had done to all of us it didn’t really matter that much anymore.
Frank worked for a “medical services” of some sort I never heard of. The time frame must had been from at least 50 years ago and it is hard to establish as what had occurred in those years when we were frozen, in vaults or elsewhere. Word didn’t travel well with the lack of media.
Frank had a wife or a girlfriend named Theresa and they had spent a long time together. They met working for the medical services company and appeared to have quite high values set to allow them to live peacefully with the values they cared about. Except Frank and his secret love to a bit of excitement on the side with a bottle or a syringe.
Anyways. I’m not going to write a book about the Johnsons’ life as it’d be hard and that’s not the point. I had known a Frank Johnson though and it made me wonder if that was him but given that strange time frame it was very unlikely plus I’d known “my” Frank as a teenager and somehow I couldn’t picture him having a life partner.
Now… Theresa was murdered by a Run Gunner when Frank was away on a mission(?). After Frank had realised what had happened his love to booze and chems really exploded and that somehow led to his death (I think).
When Theresa’s body was discovered Frank was away and he didn’t return until her funeral took place. His friend’s explained to him what happened and Frank was shattered to pieces. He promised to avenge Theresa’s life and went onto finding her killer. It wasn’t very difficult as the killer was known to some people that knew Frank and finally, one night Frank delivered his justice by chopping the fella’s head off, making sure he’d take the precious trophy to his home.
Frank must had some love for heads as for unknown to me reasons, he dug up his beloved partner and took her head with him too as he missed his bird and her warm loving nature. He’d also wished he remembered their last night spent together…
Looking through his tapes it was obvious he spent his last days completely out of this world on high dose of booze and chems and hell knows what else. It was quite difficult to follow his thinking process plus his speech was really hard to decipher at points but the bottom line is that, and here’s a lot of my imagination goes through, he decided to show disrespect to the Gunner or love to his wife but since he must had been pissed out of his head, he slipped and fell with his head onto the urinal breaking his neck.
If I was a bit more educated in human’s anatomy I’d perhaps be able to work out if the skull that was sat inside the urinal was male or female and if Frank tried to piss on it or have some disturbing act of sex with it but since I wasn’t I had to leave it at that point.
Next time I spoke to Preston I thought of Frank’s addictions and really made my mind about our friendship.
It wasn’t an easy talk but I explained to Preston that we should split our ways as soon as we both manage to find a companion and to my surprise Preston was very understanding and he didn’t make this conversation more awkward than it needed to be. I also mentioned the Rad-x stuff but he acted like I was talking some crazy language.
He did though create another song that day, that first’s verse went something like this… “I was dumped by that dry bitch…ouuuuoooohhhhhoooo…might she rest in peace now….oouuuuooooohhhhooo…”
It is best to keep your mouth shut at times and I decided it was one of these times when me and Preston walked away from the crazy scene of “the death kiss” of Frank’s strange end of his own personal journey…
I knew we weren’t far from settlement with friendly humans inside and I was hoping we’d find at least one that would travel with either of us. As much as Preston helped me back in the day he became a bit of annoying twat nowadays and it was the right time
We were yet to find the right place and right person….


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