Day 452. It’s hard.

Fallout 4_20160129210551

Stephany C had worked herself to death. We will always remember her story

Having a companion in Wastelands was a minimum required to survive. No matter how annoying Preston was we had to stick together but our relationship was really strained at this point. Few days ago we had a big argument and matters were awkward between us, so awkward I really thought of going alone.
It all started with me wanting to go towards a ruined chapel in a hope of discovering some bodies and Preston not fancying this direction due to possibility of his mood being spoilt with all this morbidity…
Well. I bloody exploded and started yelling at him, telling him that his songs were “fucking idiotic and not really in place”. And that’s how the joyful mood just went into hell. It took us few days of silent and miserable walking and one slightly amusing fight with a knitting club full of old ladies that feral ghoulish looks became their forced choice to finally defrost the icy cold wall between us.
After that fight I finally spoke to Preston and tried to apologise but he’d not have any of it and he told me to forget the past and move on. So we did.
We came across Med-Tek Research and it all sparked the memory when I was helping MacCready with his search for the cure. It felt like it happened years ago but I don’t think it’s been more than a few months. I also remembered the funny discovery we came across then and I sprinted inside.
I’ve had problems over last few days with skeletons. There were some but none that had any pieces of information available for me so knowing I should find that funnily preserved skeleton came across my mind like an angry haze causing me to run like a man possessed.
And that’s how we met Stephany Chicory. A committed wife until a certain point and a commited worker until a certain point.
It was great that Preston helped me hacking into the terminal at the desk and despite not a great amount of stuff we managed to dig up before the terminal set itself on fire was enough to build her a story.
Stephany was a happy wife living her quiet life in Boston with her husband, Frank. Stephany had some issues (who hasn’t?) that were mainly of a sexual nature. You see, she wouldn’t do things Frank asked her to do it. She had her reasons plus she never believed that mouth had an use for such things. Plus there was a picture of baby Jesus in every room of their house. Any baby shouldn’t watch things like that. And that was all that, unless you count constipation and chronic tinnitus an issue able to stop happiness.
One day, as Stephanie came back home earlier from work due to some ailment she caught Frank doing things with their latest female version of Mr. Handy robot. Me and Preston had problems imagining how he could do it but perhaps before the war the robots were more “user friendly”??? Well it doesn’t matter. What matters is that Frank getting all frisky with the steel machine was the reason of Stephany death. Well perhaps not directly but possibly still a solid reason for a court of souls willing to punish the all evil in the world.
As she saw him doing the things she just run out of flat and eventually returned to work place which soon enough became her shelter thanks to one of her supervisors who’d let her stay in his private interview room. She had everything needed to survive plus the building security was informed not to let Frank in. Stephany was determined to forget about her perverted husband.
Now it is hard to establish how long she’d lived there after her working hours but it appeared the place became her home, work place and a grave. You see, Stephany’s company worked on some sensitive shit full of radioactive beans and somewhere, some time, someone fucked up and the radioactive stuff started leaking.
I’m not sure how it all went unnoticed but looking at Stephany’s entries in her terminal she started loosing her marbels two days before her last entry that was just this mess: im nut comingot of here alibi. ist all oslt hfhghfhgvbvhhhhgjgk The entry before that was a long litany of how much she hated overtimes and the flying bears above the head.
We reckon the “leak” killed all inside of the building which gave me a flicker of hope (yes I know I’m being a tad insensitive) to find more bodies and terminals but unfortunately, since my last visit here with MacCready some one messed up the only entry deep inside of the venue. Me and Preston decided to crash in the lobby and we both actually talked about how awful the last hours of our workaholic must had been.
Life in Commonwealth drains you quicker than vibrator drains a battery but one must remember that sometimes the energy inside of us is able to get us where we want. Strange saying I know but it was true.
I had nothing to lose and nothing to gain just tick off the days where I spend them discovering what had already happened while I walk into unknown entity of the future.
The bits that me and Preston managed to put together about Stephanys made us realise how little our problems had been before the whole world went to hell. Our perspective was different back then, hence the problems appeared much bigger to our eyes…
If we got to experience the Wasteland first hand, would it prevent us from the bombs falling down that awful day? Or perhaps it was always going to happen as there was too many stories to be told but too little ears to listen them all…?
We will never know. And maybe it’s for the best.


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