Snowman – Rook – Graham Masterton

One might think that the fourth book in series “Rook” titled “Snowman” would mean that Graham Masterton run of new ideas or concepts but that is far from truth. The series had definitely grew on me as I was going through different journeys with Jim and his troubled students.
This time around, in the middle of the summer, Jack Hubbard arrives and enriches Jim student’s group. And there is something else that comes to the school and its surroundings with Jack.
It appears that winter has come with Jack as there is no other explanation as to why would water in school toilet freeze, or swimming pool with people in it would also display signs of frost and winter. There’s loads of signs of upcoming winter but the problem is, it’s middle of the summer and the weather as such hasn’t changed at all.
Jim is the only person able to challenge the anomalies but in order to do that, he’ll need to embark on a dangerous journey to a land of never ending ice and the thing is, not every one will make it back alive from there.
Jim Rook experiences a huge moral metamorphosis in “Snowman”. He’s faced with quite few moral dilemmas and also discovery of the true meaning of what it means to be responsible for another human being. The ending leaves plenty of room for one’s imagination to work on but I personally felt like this title could had been longer as I felt some need for more from our protagonist’s life. There was always a hope for another part of the series but this book really left me a bit hungrier than usual.


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